Thank you for your interest in the purchasing card (P-Card) application. This user friendly web application is designed to reduce the amount time and effort to process P-Card transactions and to reduce errors. The application also provides a method to reconcile processed transactions to the bank statement.

User Manual documents are in PDF format. If you need software to open PDFs, click here to get Adobe Reader.
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P-Card User Manual
06/30/2017  Troubleshooting Printing, Browser Issues, or Adobe PDF Settings 2k
03/07/2007  Updating Your E-mail Address 51k
08/08/2017  State Tax Exemption Forms and Information 51k
08/05/2016  Auditors: View Transactions, Transmittals, and Reports 198k
02/22/2016  Show details for [<a href="D2FFF01183CC490D87256A8B00650182/$FILE/P-Card-AdministrationOverview.pdf " target="New">]AdministratAdministration Overview 563k
10/17/2018  Show details for [<a href="58B93D57D9A8CCA887256BA7006CE4D5/$FILE/PC-paying-bank-statement.5.pdf " target="New">]Reconcile P-CaReconcile P-Card and Your Statement, and Pay the Bank 484k
02/19/2016  Show details for [<a href="25954F5C0FE3243887256A8B0064E32D/$FILE/PC-Verifier.pdf " target="New">]Verify Transactions[</a>]    Verify Transactions 256k
08/05/2016  Show details for [<a href="0E1491D610F3277587256A8B0064EF45/$FILE/PC-Approver.pdf " target="New">]Approve Transmittals[</a>]   Approve Transmittals 189k
10/29/2018  Hide details for [<a href="063BEA6E7D07180887257D15006B62CF/$FILE/PC-fiscal-coding.pdf " target="New">]Fiscal Coding[</a>]     Fiscal Coding 228k
Fiscal Code Fields and Descriptions
Adjustments to Expenditures and Payments
Split Transactions to Apply Different PCAs, Indexes, or Other Fiscal Coding
How to Enter a Credit from a Vendor
How P-Card Transactions Create a Record in the FAS Hold File
Subobject 9999
09/17/2012  Show details for [<a href="BD47F1085389BE35872571E20061E695/$FILE/p-card-reports.NET.pdf " target="New">]Reports[</a>]     Reports 649k
03/04/2008  P-Card Rebates 21k

If you need additional assistance, please contact our Customer Resource Center at dsahelpline@sco.idaho.gov.


User friendly
  • Screens are tailored to display only the necessary data for the verifier, reviewer, and approver functions.
  • Index, PCA, grant, or project codes are automatically validated or you can look them up.
  • You can add descriptive information to clarify transactions.
  • You can split transactions to multiple account codes.

    Less time and effort to process transactions
  • Defaults coding structure for:
  • Provides customized approval levels.
  • Automatically interfaces transactions to STARS.

    Less errors
  • Provides edits to ensure:
    Automatic Reconciliation
  • Fiscal staff can ‘force’ transactions to process into STARS even if they have not completed the verification and review steps. (These steps are still required, they simply happen at a later time.)
  • Online and printable reports are available at any time.