Requisition and Purchase Order Application

Thank you for your interest in the Purchasing application. This Web-based application provides a full purchasing process from requisition to purchase order to receiving, while providing flexibility for each agency to implement their own departments and workflow approval processes.

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Purchasing User Manual

06/30/2017  Troubleshooting Printing, Browser Issues, or Adobe PDF Settings
05/01/2014  Features and Benefits, and Purchase Order Process Overview
09/23/2009  Preparing to Use the Purchasing Application for Your Agency's Processes
02/01/2012  Hide details for [<a href="E8F76B718496C67787257472006B563A/$FILE/PurchasingAdministration.pdf " target="New">]Administration[<Administration
Set Up Your Agency
Add or Update Users
Configure Rules and Controls for Approvers and Purchasers
Show details for [<a href="CD865588EBCDA8C387257640005DF1BC/$FILE/PO-workflow-vs-department.pdf " target="New">]Workflows vs. DWorkflows vs. Departments for Requisition Approval Processes
Set Up the Default View of the Requisitions, Purchase Orders, or Receiving Screens
Activate a Returning Employee
Create Billing, Shipping, and Purchase Order Addresses
Create Reusable Purchase Order Notes
11/21/2011  Show details for [<a href="641A4C5F9330832487257472007189FF/$FILE/requisitions.pdf " target="New">]Requisitions[</a>]     Requisitions
03/21/2012  Show details for [<a href="B20BFFA54E80E48A872574720074F0B4/$FILE/Purchase-Orders.pdf " target="New">]Purchase Orders[</a>]    Purchase Orders
02/07/2012  Show details for [<a href="5E21A04773772ABC872574720075831D/$FILE/receiving-status.pdf " target="New">]Receiving Status Screen[Receiving Status Screen
01/17/2019  Show details for [<a href="034245D1973E59818725747200763E60/$FILE/PO-reports-po-req.pdf " target="New">]Purchasing, RequisitionPurchasing, Requisition, Audit, and Other Reports

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