Cash Receipts

Thank you for your interest in the Cash Receipts application, which is part of the suite of Web applications offered to agencies to provide more efficient processing options for payments, accounting adjustments, requisitioning, encumbering, receiving, and cash deposits.

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Cash Receipts User Manual
06/30/2017  Troubleshooting Printing, Browser Issues, or Adobe PDF Settings
11/03/2016  Show details for [<a href="685EF534B82679778725740900616C25/$FILE/CR-cash-receipts-admin.pdf " target="New">]Administration[</aAdministration
07/18/2017  Cash Receipts Status Screen
05/09/2017  Hide details for [<a href="D6699EABEEC01336872574090061814E/$FILE/CR-enter-deposit.pdf " target="New">]Enter a Deposit[</a>]   Enter a Deposit
Deposits Returned by the Treasurer's Office or Division of Financial Management
Deposits to an Outside Bank
EFT Deposits
Update or Change a Deposit After You Have Created The Document (Fiscal Coding)
Void a Deposit to Make a Change
07/18/2017  Show details for [<a href="9986F912E9383AD08725759400779A40/$FILE/CR-Cash-receipts-attachment.pdf " target="New">]Attaching ScaAttaching Scanned Documents
05/09/2017  Show details for [<a href="90468C1A5A377E1F8725740900618F76/$FILE/CR-fiscal-coding.pdf " target="New">]Create a Document and EnCreate a Document and Enter Fiscal Coding
03/07/2016  Approve or Unapprove a Cash Receipt Documents
03/07/2016  How Cash Receipts Assigns Batch Numbers
03/07/2016  State Treasurer’s Office Release and Department of Financial Management Release
03/07/2016  STO: Create a Deposit for Another Agency
05/28/2014  Adjust Cash Receipt Transactions in STARS
03/18/2016  Reports and Processed Documents

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