FAS User Manual: The FAS User Manual is posted here in portable document format (PDF). If you need software to open PDFs, click here to get Adobe Reader. Most of the Appendix B forms may be completed and saved on your computer to attach in an e-mail or printed. Please send any suggestions or corrections to the user manual documents to scodocumentation@sco.idaho.gov.

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06/05/2017  DAFR4640 - FAS Transaction Code Decision Table Report
02/18/2015  Show details for [<a href="571502942559CC0F872570FC00620EC5/$FILE/disposing_an_asset.pdf " target="New">]Disposing of an Asset Disposing of an Asset (sale, transfer, donation, etc.)
12/03/2012  Interagency Transfers
08/24/2017  Online Inquiry: Search for Asset Information
12/28/2016  Quick Reference Guide
02/18/2014  Transaction Codes Overview
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