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09/01/2006  Show details for [<a href="4EC62C38E6D71609872571DC00760214/$FILE/FAS_CONTROL_REPORTS_header.pdf " target="New">]FAS Control ReFAS Control Report Examples
09/01/2006  Hide details for [<a href="5E3891DBD2863592872571DC00762873/$FILE/FAS_FINANCIAL_REPORTS_header.pdf " target="New">]FAS FinanciaFAS Financial Report Examples
Show details for [<a href="A8C1BEDBCF3057B1872571E1005EDC5D/$FILE/DAFR0168.pdf " target="New">]DAFR0168 Capital Asset by Fund TDAFR0168 Capital Asset by Fund Type (only CI = "S" statewide)
Show details for [<a href="C41EA3B5E82B3F79872571E1005FE720/$FILE/DAFR0170.pdf " target="New">]DAFR0170 FAS CAFR Depreciation (DAFR0170 FAS CAFR Depreciation (only CI = "S" statewide)
DAFR0182 Capitalized Assets By Fund Type, Fund, Asset Class and Budget Unit
DAFR2731 FAS Change Funding Sources Detail Report
DAFR2732 FAS Change Funding Sources Summary Report
DAFR4491 FAS Replacement Value Revaluation (FCNTRL & FFINCL)
DAFR4492 FAS Replacement Value Revaluation Summary (FCNTRL & FFINCL)
Hide details for [<a href="70169A52559EEE61872571E100606C6E/$FILE/DAFR4500.pdf " target="New">]DAFR4500 FAS Depreciation (CI = DAFR4500 FAS Depreciation (CI = "A" agency or "S" statewide)
DAFR4500 -- Specifications
Show details for [<a href="3C51CE938079362B872571E100609B02/$FILE/DAFR4510.pdf " target="New">]DAFR4510 FAS Hold File TransactiDAFR4510 FAS Hold File Transactions
Show details for [<a href="83601D06A4935D80872571E100657CAD/$FILE/DAFR4520.pdf " target="New">]DAFR4520 STARS to FAS Financial DAFR4520 STARS to FAS Financial Activity (FCNTRL & FFINCL)
Show details for [<a href="277C12EB282F2538872571E1005D8162/$FILE/DAFR4550.pdf " target="New">]DAFR4550 Active Property by AgenDAFR4550 Active Property by Agency, Suffix, Location, Responsible Name -- INVENTORY REPORT
Show details for [<a href="DF78EDDF587650A0872571E1005DB889/$FILE/DAFR4560.pdf " target="New">]DAFR4560 Active Property by ClasDAFR4560 Active Property by Class Code, Agency, Suffix, Location, Responsible Name (w/ACQ amt) -- INVENTORY REPORT
Show details for [<a href="78C32589B7EAB09F872571E1006A7ECD/$FILE/DAFR4740.pdf " target="New">]DAFR4740 Hold File Deleted RecorDAFR4740 Hold File Deleted Records
Show details for [<a href="29BB2BE0B404C52D872571E1006B27BC/$FILE/DAFR4750.pdf " target="New">]DAFR4750 FAS Property Balances bDAFR4750 FAS Property Balances by Fund and Asset Class
Show details for [<a href="8B4241A0E72B513C872571E1005DEC13/$FILE/DAFR4760.pdf " target="New">]DAFR4760 Property by Agency SuffDAFR4760 Property by Agency Suffix, Location, Responsible Name, Select by Name -- INVENTORY REPORT
Show details for [<a href="6900F7D9153E61D5872571E1005C9FB8/$FILE/DAFR4790.pdf " target="New">]DAFR4790 FAS Risk Management (w/DAFR4790 FAS Risk Management (w/replacement amt) -- INSURANCE REPORT
12/24/2014  FAS Reporting Available on IBIS
09/01/2006  Show details for [<a href="5ADCD01009D6D190872571DC007632E8/$FILE/FAS_TABLE_REPORTS_header.pdf " target="New">]FAS Table ReportFAS Table Report Examples
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