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Fiscal Policy Manual
Hide details for Accounts ReceivablesAccounts Receivables
02/22/2006  Accounts Receivable: Credit, Collections, and Bad Debts
Hide details for Agency BillingsAgency Billings
02/23/2006  Internal Service Fund (Billed Central Services)
Hide details for Cash & Cash EquivalentsCash & Cash Equivalents
01/27/2016  Also Refer to the General Guidelines for Fiscal Activities
04/23/2002  Change Fund
05/31/2006  Deposit Liabilities
04/21/2006  Funds Held as an Agent
01/10/2008  Petty Cash
01/10/2008  Rotary Accounts
Hide details for ExpendituresExpenditures
01/27/2016  Also Refer to the General Guidelines for Fiscal Activities
02/13/2006  Hide details for [<a href="4F474CD9B1F46CBD8725693B0041E2E4/$FILE/FPAC_CapitalizedLeases.pdf " target="New">]Capitalized LeasesCapitalized Leases
Capital Lease Amortization/Present Value MS Excel Template
Capital Lease Example
03/07/2007  Convenience Fees
03/07/2007  Credit Card Fees
03/16/2005  Employee Membership in Entities, Associations, Etc.
06/19/1998  Employee Recognition Awards
05/09/2008  Independent Contractor vs. Employee
09/27/2006  Internal Service Function
01/31/2005  Job Candidate Travel Reimbursement
04/19/2006  Joint Venture Contracting and Accounting
01/10/2008  National or Multi-State Conventions or Conferences
04/17/2013  P-Card
06/16/2005  Prepayments
10/05/2009  Prior Year Adjustments
02/22/2006  Taxable Fringe Benefits
03/30/2010  Warrants Returned To Agencies From SCO
Hide details for Federal SectionFederal Section
01/10/2018  Federal Information
08/13/2008  Vendor vs. Subrecipient Checklist
Hide details for FundsFunds
02/27/2002  Funds Definitions
01/10/2008  Funds Establishment
01/10/2008  Inter-fund Borrowing
Hide details for General InformationGeneral Information
01/27/2016  Also Refer to the General Guidelines for Fiscal Activities
05/03/2012  General Information
07/10/2008  Internal Controls
10/04/2001  Mission Statement and Goals
07/11/2000  Policy Adoption
Hide details for InvestmentsInvestments
02/22/2006  Investments: Interest Earnings to Internal Service Funds
Hide details for Notes and Loans ReceivableNotes and Loans Receivable
06/08/2006  Notes and Loans Receivable: Collections and Write-Offs
Hide details for Property Plant & EquipmentProperty Plant & Equipment
06/30/2009  Capital Assets
06/30/2009  Intangible Capital Asset FAQ
Hide details for RevenuesRevenues
07/12/2006  Leasing Activities