STARS User Manual: Chapters

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10/30/2018  Show details for [<a href="396D96008A120AEB8725713E00734CBA/$FILE/STARS-Getting-Started-LoggingOn.pdf " target="New">]Get StartGet Started: Request STARS Access, Passwords, and Logging On
04/02/2018  Hide details for [<a href="00C8EA5E03946A7387256AC6007B5D36/$FILE/STARS-coding_and_prebatch_review.pdf " target="New">]Fiscal CFiscal Coding & Batch Preparation
Fiscal Year End Training Slides with Notes
Commonly Used Transaction Codes
How to Find a Transacton Code in STARS
DAFR8640 Transaction Code Decision Table Report (A List and Descriptions of Transaction Codes)
DAFR8740 General Ledger to Transaction Code Cross Reference
Expenditure and Revenue Subobject Lists
Search for a Vendor Number and Vendor Name
Additional Documentation for Fiscal Coding and Batch Review
Idaho Code for Fiscal Coding and Batch Review
06/21/2017  Show details for [<a href="7B994E884364F3AA87257641006FCDDB/$FILE/STARS - Getting-Started-Entering-Reviewing-Transactions.pdf "Enter a Batch Header and Individual Transactions
01/22/2016  Show details for [<a href="02764F08F38BD22087256A010076606A/$FILE/expenditures.pdf " target="New">]Expenditures and DisbursemenExpenditures and Disbursements
03/19/2018  Show details for [<a href="F28011F8046647F487256F100053A7E7/$FILE/STARS-interagency-billing4.pdf " target="New">]Interagency BiInteragency Billing
12/10/2015  Show details for [<a href="9AC2DC914D026F0287256A0100765525/$FILE/STARS-cash-receipts.pdf " target="New">]Cash Receipts[</a>]  Cash Receipts
05/03/2016  Show details for [<a href="1C6BA490A84FBC4987257DCB004E4F45/$FILE/vendors.pdf " target="New">]Vendors and Vendor Tables[</a>]  Vendors and Vendor Tables
12/18/2018  Show details for [<a href="CED70C4D6828C9CB87256AAF0063885D/$FILE/STARS-Warrants and Cancellations.pdf " target="New">]WarrantsWarrants and Warrant Processes
04/17/2008  Show details for [<a href="240B609BF38E878887256A0100764DB2/$FILE/budgeting.pdf " target="New">]Budgeting[</a>]     Budgeting
05/22/2006  Show details for [<a href="14F30C91EDD556C287256A0100765A4E/$FILE/STARS-Classification Structure.pdf " target="New">]ClassificaClassification Structure
01/30/2014  Show details for [<a href="0676B966226D3AED87256AF00066F4D7/$FILE/STARS-Descriptor-Tables.pdf " target="New">]Descriptor TablesDescriptor Tables
09/24/2007  Show details for [<a href="996CD14C5B2FDC0F87257360007277D7/$FILE/online-inquiry.pdf " target="New">]Online File Inquiry[</a>] Online File Inquiry
05/03/2016  Table and File Purge Processes
01/04/2012  Show details for [<a href="A0D276143C659EF687256AAE00504118/$FILE/STARS-reports-general.pdf " target="New">]Reports[</a>]     Reports