STARS User Manual: Chapters

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07/27/2016  Show details for [<a href="396D96008A120AEB8725713E00734CBA/$FILE/STARS-Getting-Started-LoggingOn.pdf " target="New">]Get StartGet Started: Request STARS Access, Passwords, and Logging On
06/06/2016  Show details for [<a href="00C8EA5E03946A7387256AC6007B5D36/$FILE/STARS-coding_and_prebatch_review.pdf " target="New">]Fiscal CFiscal Coding & Batch Preparation
06/21/2017  Hide details for [<a href="7B994E884364F3AA87257641006FCDDB/$FILE/Getting-Started-Entering-Reviewing-Transactions.pdf " target=Enter a Batch Header and Individual Transactions
Batch Types, Transaction Posting Sequence, and Approval Levels
Search for a Vendor Number or Vendor Name
Data Entry Fields of the General Transaction Entry (S501) Screen
Add Transactions to an Existing Batch
Change or Update Transactions in a Batch
Delete a Transaction or a Batch Header
Recompute a Batch If Counts and Amounts Are Not Equal
Review and Release a Batch
Put a Batch on Hold
Hide details for [<a href="8D59B3EAB57AA5F8872576410070E25C/$FILE/getting started-solving-error-batch.pdf " target="New">]SolveSolve Batch Edit Mode 3 Problems
How to Change the Batch Effective Date on a Batch in Error
Look Up Descriptions of Error Messages
Daily Batch and Transaction Reports
01/22/2016  Show details for [<a href="02764F08F38BD22087256A010076606A/$FILE/expenditures.pdf " target="New">]Expenditures and DisbursemenExpenditures and Disbursements
10/19/2015  Show details for [<a href="F28011F8046647F487256F100053A7E7/$FILE/interagency-billing.pdf " target="New">]Interagency Billing[<Interagency Billing
12/10/2015  Show details for [<a href="9AC2DC914D026F0287256A0100765525/$FILE/STARS-cash-receipts.pdf " target="New">]Cash Receipts[</a>]  Cash Receipts
05/03/2016  Show details for [<a href="1C6BA490A84FBC4987257DCB004E4F45/$FILE/vendors.pdf " target="New">]Vendors and Vendor Tables[</a>]  Vendors and Vendor Tables
07/06/2017  Show details for [<a href="CED70C4D6828C9CB87256AAF0063885D/$FILE/Warrants-warrant-processes.pdf " target="New">]Warrants and WWarrants and Warrant Processes
04/17/2008  Show details for [<a href="240B609BF38E878887256A0100764DB2/$FILE/budgeting.pdf " target="New">]Budgeting[</a>]     Budgeting
05/22/2006  Show details for [<a href="14F30C91EDD556C287256A0100765A4E/$FILE/classification_structure.pdf " target="New">]Classification SClassification Structure
01/30/2014  Show details for [<a href="0676B966226D3AED87256AF00066F4D7/$FILE/descriptor_tables.pdf " target="New">]Descriptor Tables[</a>]Descriptor Tables
09/24/2007  Show details for [<a href="996CD14C5B2FDC0F87257360007277D7/$FILE/online-inquiry.pdf " target="New">]Online File Inquiry[</a>] Online File Inquiry
05/03/2016  Table and File Purge Processes
01/04/2012  Show details for [<a href="A0D276143C659EF687256AAE00504118/$FILE/STARS-reports-general.pdf " target="New">]Reports[</a>]     Reports