STARS User Manual: Forms

The STARS User Manual is posted in portable document format (PDF). If you need software to open PDFs, click here to get Adobe Reader. Many of the forms have seperate instructions for filling them out. Please send any suggestions or corrections to

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Hide details for STARS Manual: App. B - FormsSTARS Manual: App. B - Forms
07/11/2002  Adjustment Data Entry Worksheet (ADJUST)
04/21/2011  Show details for [<a href="8C1DBDA90C569946872569300037378B/$FILE/APPN_interact.pdf " target="New">]Appropriation Data Entry (AAppropriation Data Entry (APPN)
08/10/1999  Show details for [<a href="F6D375832C08D0888725693000370DD7/$FILE/AGY_LOG.pdf " target="New">]Batch Control Log (AGYLOG)[</a>] Batch Control Log (AGYLOG)
03/23/2016  Show details for [<a href="642CE966CCC4CEB987256930003820D7/$FILE/HEADER_interact.pdf " target="New">]Batch Header Worksheet (BBatch Header Worksheet (BATCH HEADER)
08/17/1999  Show details for [<a href="D4CFB1AAA8C600BA87257F70006DCF38/$FILE/BU-20_interactive.pdf " target="New">]Budget Unit Table Form Budget Unit Table Form (BU-20)
08/19/1999  Budgetary (Other) Data Entry (BUDGET)
06/30/2017  Show details for [<a href="CD3A0AE3B1BF073A8725696C0051BF9B/$FILE/CANCEL_interactive.pdf " target="New">]Cancel Warrant (CANCELCancel Warrant (CANCEL)
07/11/2002  Show details for [<a href="FBC44656A176C18187256930003D3EC5/$FILE/rcpt_interactive.pdf " target="New">]Cash Receipts (RCPT)[</aCash Receipts (RCPT)
06/30/2017  Certification and Request for Warrant Cancellation
03/31/2017  Combined Substitute W-9 / Direct Deposit / Remittance Advice Authorization
07/11/2002  Show details for [<a href="8C7DF101C898549E8725693000378F4F/$FILE/DESCR-23_interactive.pdf " target="New">]Descriptor Table MaiDescriptor Table Maintenance (DESCR-23)
03/09/2000  Show details for [<a href="FE6A57B6457CC948872569300037FF65/$FILE/EXPDISB_interact.pdf " target="New">]Expenditure DisbursementExpenditure Disbursement Worksheet (EXPDISB)
03/27/2002  Forged Warrant Affidavit (FORGERY)
06/29/2001  Show details for [<a href="CD9CC920FE28821487256A7A004DC87C/$FILE/FUND&DT-D22&D23.pdf " target="New">]Fund and Fund Detail Set Fund and Fund Detail Set Up (FUND&DT-D22/23)
07/11/2004  Show details for [<a href="96CB0533A1DB8E0187256A11006B6E6A/$FILE/GRANT-29_interactive.pdf " target="New">]Grant Control Table Grant Control Table Maintenance (GRANT-29)
03/02/2005  Show details for [<a href="57CAB90B2F44EDC587256930003C952E/$FILE/INDEX-24_interactive.pdf " target="New">]Index Code Table MaiIndex Code Table Maintenance (INDEX-24)
05/02/2012  Show details for [<a href="8D3615BF06E92DB98725693000387784/$FILE/IAB_interact.pdf " target="New">]Interagency Billing (IAB)[</Interagency Billing (IAB)
04/05/2018  Show details for [<a href="737B0D92A9C4297287256930003D9381/$FILE/Security Form " target="New">]Online SecuritOnline Security Form Overview
07/11/2002  Organization Structure Table Maintenance (ORG-23)
03/02/2005  Hide details for [<a href="03571A3A329ABCED87256930003CFEB2/$FILE/PCA-26.pdf " target="New">]PCA Table Maintenance (PCA-26)[</aPCA Table Maintenance (PCA-26)
PCA-26 Form Instructions
07/11/2002  Program Structure Table Maintenance (PGM-23)
03/02/2005  Show details for [<a href="D1F2ABC23880261187256A11006AE1E0/$FILE/PROJECT-27_interactive.pdf " target="New">]Project Control TaProject Control Table Maintenance (PROJECT-27)
12/11/2001  Show details for [<a href="619A59A41B63472B872569E3007B61EF/$FILE/RF.pdf " target="New">]Rotary Fund Statement (RF)[</a>]     Rotary Fund Statement (RF)
12/18/2018  Show details for [<a href="C3980BE5813026258725696C0051D26A/$FILE/STARS-STOPPMT.pdf " target="New">]Rotary Sight Draft Stop PayRotary Sight Draft Stop Payment (STOPPMT)
04/29/2013  Show details for [<a href="92C984A6E036D35987256960004C9E90/$FILE/TRVL.pdf " target="New">]Travel Expense Voucher for ReimburseTravel Expense Voucher for Reimbursement (TRVL)