Travel Express

Thank you for your interest in the newest version of our Travel Express application. This web-enabled application is designed to reduce the amount time and effort to process travel approvals and reimbursements, improve the speed of the reimbursement, and provide a complete audit trail. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for an overview of new and important features.

Travel Express User Manual:
10/13/2011  Frequently Asked Questions 36k
03/31/2017  Combined Substitute W-9 / Direct Deposit Authorization / Remittance Advice Authorization Form 442k
03/11/2016  Troubleshooting Internet Browser or Adobe PDF Settings 2k
12/09/2015  Travel Express Request and Voucher Process Overview 115k
05/01/2018  Show details for [<a href="9ED89821E0E9DFAC8725779E006F3706/$FILE/TE-admin.pdf " target="New">]Administration[</a>]     Administration 380k
05/02/2016  Show details for [<a href="8128C15E2525A8758725779E006F419B/$FILE/TE-Travel-Request.pdf " target="New">]Create a Request[</a>] Create a Request 452k
02/08/2017  Show details for [<a href="B05835B1C4D50ED98725779E006FAA98/$FILE/TE-Travel-request-approve.pdf " target="New">]Approve or RetuApprove or Return a Request 216k
02/25/2013  Hide details for [<a href="ACAE93186AF13B818725779E006F65E6/$FILE/TravelExpressProcessOverview.pdf " target="New">]Vouchers OveVouchers Overview 104k
Create a Voucher From a Request
Create a Voucher (Without a Request)
Using a Warrant Advance
Per Diem for International, Alaska, and Hawaii Destinations
Per Diem Amount Does Not Seem To Be Correct
Multiple Trips Voucher
Hide details for [<a href="5183E57B190A068A87257B1D006F1C7D/$FILE/TE-view-edit-a-voucher.pdf " target="New">]Find and Edit a VoFind and Edit a Voucher (View/Edit Voucher Menu)
How To Tell If a Voucher Was Created From a Request
Cancel a Pending STARS Upload
Home Station is Displayed in the Origin Column
Voucher for a Non-Travel Event
Fiscal Coders Can Change the Budget Fiscal Year on a Voucher
Attach a Scanned Document
Remove Mileage From A Voucher
View the Request or Voucher Audit Trail
A Report Exported in PDF Does Not Fit On the Page
Show details for [<a href="700014A8FF39F84F87257B9700676EB9/$FILE/te-mileage-only-voucher.pdf " target="New">]Mileage Only VoucMileage Only Vouchers
06/18/2018  Show details for [<a href="69F84230036029A48725779E00710B78/$FILE/TE-fiscal-coding.pdf " target="New">]Enter Fiscal Coding on aEnter Fiscal Coding on a Voucher 373k
01/05/2015  Show details for [<a href="DEAD498D0B13018A8725779E006F8F7E/$FILE/Travel-voucher-approve.pdf " target="New">]Approve a Voucher[Approve a Voucher 240k
07/07/2016  Show details for [<a href="D4ADA187826A5CB78725779E0073B13B/$FILE/TE-reports.pdf " target="New">]Reports: Request and Voucher DReports: Request and Voucher Details 460k

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User friendly Less time and effort to process claims Less errors Quicker reimbursements Auditing and Reporting