Vendor Maintenance

User Manual:
06/30/2017  Troubleshooting Printing,Browser Issues, or Adobe PDF Settings 2k
10/16/2013  Combined Substitute W-9/ Direct Deposit / Remittance Advice Authorization Form (PDF) 2k
02/18/2016  Administration 98k
02/18/2016  The Vendor Form Status Screen 77k
01/10/2018  Hide details for [<a href="82CF065D110EB0C487257C000072078F/$FILE/vendor-form.pdf " target="New">]Add a New Vendor[</a>]     Add a New Vendor 312k
Non-US (Foreign) Vendor Example
02/18/2016  Add a New Vendor Number Suffix 260k
02/16/2016  Change a Vendor's Address 258k
02/18/2016  Inactivate a Vendor 74k
04/29/2016  View Processed Forms 130k
10/16/2013  Find Payments Made to Vendors (in STARS) 2k
10/16/2013  Workers Compensation Information (in STARS) 2k
10/16/2013  1099-MISC Tax Reporting (STARS) 2k
05/03/2016  Find a Vendor Number for an Individual or a State Employee (in STARS) 2k
10/16/2013  Vendors and Vendor Tables (in STARS) 2k
10/16/2013  Vendor Reports (STARS) 2k

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