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MINUTES – Regular Meeting
February 16, 2010 – 8:55 a.m.
Borah Post Office Building, 204 N. 8th Street, 2nd Floor Courtroom

The regular meeting of the State Board of Examiners was called to order pursuant to Idaho Code §67-2002 and by the order of the chair.

The following board members were present: Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter and Secretary of State, Ben Ysursa, and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden. Controller Donna M. Jones, Secretary to the State Board of Examiners recorded the proceedings of the meeting.

Ms. Jones introduced the consent agenda items.
Mr. Wasden moved to approve the consent agenda. Mr. Ysursa seconded the motion. The motion passed on unanimous voice vote.


1. Minutes - Approved
Approval of official minutes for the Board of Examiners on January 19, 2010.

2. Bureau of Homeland Security - Approved
ID #
Date to Board
Haz Mat
Tanker truck wreck, fuel leakage. Insurance company involved, in the process of recovering.2/2/2010

3. Health and Welfare - Approved
Request to adjust the transfer of funds from the General Fund to the Cooperative Welfare Fund #0220 in response to the additional reductions in the Governor’s Budget Recommendation. The additional reduction for the department is $1,628,200, resulting in an adjusted General Fund appropriation of $445,407,300 for SFY 2010.
    The following is the Fiscal Year 2010 General Fund Appropriation to the Department of Health and Welfare adjusted for the additional reductions proposed in the Governor’s Recommended Budget:

    House Bill Number 299 $ 5,171,100
    House Bill Number 313 34,187,400
    House Bill Number 314 250,200
    House Bill Number 315 8,295,100
    House Bill Number 316 16,371,900
    House Bill Number 317 928,100
    House Bill Number 318 10,558,200
    House Bill Number 319 23,238,500
    House Bill Number 320 19,589,200
    House Bill Number 321 24,159,300
    House Bill Number 322 296,209,200
    Senate Bill Number 1199 280,200
    Senate Bill Number 1221 6,168,900
    TOTAL $445,407,300

4. Military Division - Approved
Request for approval pursuant to Idaho Code §72-928 of payment of worker’s compensation claims for members of the Idaho National Guard, resulting while the soldier was on duty in the amount of $2,487.21.

5. Lava Hot Springs Foundation - Approved
Request approval pursuant to Idaho Code 67-4402 to continue a lease agreement for operation of the state owned Tumbling Waters Motel located on State property administered by the Lava Hot Springs Foundation.

6. Division of Veterans Services - Approved that the vacation limit for Ms. Powell be raised from 200 to 240 hours for a period not to exceed 4 months.
Request approval to lift the maximum limit for vacation accrual for six months for Catherine Powell, a Senior Cook at the Veterans Home in Boise.


7. Idaho State Police
Notification that Major Dan Thornton is still attempting to sell his home in Twin Falls, Idaho. He has made small improvements to attract buyers, but so far no one has been interested.

8. Department of Fish and Game
Notification that Conservation Officer David Silcock is still attempting to sell his home in Moore, Idaho.

    9. State Insurance Fund
    a. Estimate of the State Insurance Fund expenses to be paid by sight drafts for the month of December, 2009.
        Estimated expenditure for workers compensation claim costs, dividends and premium refunds
      Funds Expended in December, 2009:
      Workers Compensation Claim Costs
      Policy Refunds
    b. Estimate of the Petroleum Clean Water Trust Fund expenses to be paid by sight draft for the month of December, 2009.
        Estimated expenditure for Petroleum Clean Water Trust Fund
      Funds Expended in December, 2009:
      Claim Costs

    There being no further business before the board and on motion duly made and seconded, THE MEETING OF THE STATE BOARD OF EXAMINERS WAS ADJOURNED at 9:00 a.m.

    __________/s/ C.L. “Butch” Otter________
    C.L. “Butch” Otter, Chairman of the Board and
    Governor of the State of Idaho
    __________/s/ Donna M. Jones ____________
    Donna M. Jones, Secretary of the Board and
    Idaho State Controller

    A meeting agenda will be available at the Idaho State Controller’s Office, 700 West State Street, Boise, Idaho, two (2) working days before the meeting.

    If you have questions or would like to arrange auxiliary aides or services for persons with disabilities, please contact the Idaho State Controller’s Office at (208) 334-3100. Accommodations for auxiliary aides or services must be made no less than five (5) working days in advance of the meeting.

    The CONSENT AGENDA addresses routine items the board may approve without discussion.

    The REGULAR AGENDA addresses policy and program items the board may wish to discuss prior to making a decision.

    The INFORMATION AGENDA provides information only.

    The agendas are subject to change and the Board may move an item from one agenda to another.

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