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May 11, 1999 - 8:55 a.m.
JRW East Conference Room

Members Attending:
      Governor Dirk Kempthorne, Chairman of the Board
      Secretary of State Pete T. Cenarrusa
      Attorney General Alan G. Lance
      State Controller and Secretary of the Board J. D. Williams

Sub-Committee Members Attending:
      Jeff Malmen, Office of Governor
      Ben Ysursa, Office of Secretary of State
      David High, Office of Attorney General
      H. W. Turner, Office of State Controller


    Request for authorization to pay 80.5 hours compensatory time for Lt. Tim Higgins, who will be moving to an investigative lieutenant position at Central Office. He has been unable to take this time off due to heavy work loads, and his vacation balance is close to maximum accrual. The 10.0 hours EAL can be paid without Board of Examiners approval.

    Request for authorization that Richard J. Hutchison's vacation pay-off be split between the June 25, 1999 and July 9, 1999 pay days. Mr. Hutchison is retiring from state service effective June 19, 1999. This will allow some of the cost of the new Division of Human Resources to be paid from salary savings in the Personnel Commission FY 1999 budget.


3. Request for authorization to pay overtime for the following employees currently working in the Child Support Program from April 4, 1999 through July 3, 1999. This request is because of a backlog of work caused by a high turnover in staff, the implementation of the ICSES system in December, and the implementation of electronic fund transfer (EFT) for all child support payments this fall .
          Region VI Region IV
          Tom Hughes Mary Susie Freeman
          Leslie Betty Shannon Barnes
          Cheryl Tolman Kelli Leon

          Region V Central Office
          Becky Peterson Don McEldowny
          Phyllis Geisler
          Region III Sherrie Brown
          Deborah Mackay Kirsty White
          Tammy Payne

4. Request for authorization to pay overtime for the following two additional employees currently working in the Child Support Program from April 4, 1999 through July 3, 1999, as per #3 above.
              Sandy Baker
              Tamela Palmer

5. Request for authorization to remove the vacation cap for Julie Grunder effective through the end of December, 1999. She is close to the maximum vacation accrual and significant vacation time cannot be granted until two extensive projects are completed.

6. Request for authorization to pay compensatory time to the following employees of the Information and Technology Services Division accrued over the last 26 months. Because of a heavy workload and vacancies, vacation balances are reaching accrual limits.
              John Krause 166.3 hours
              Barbara Wade-Maness 98.5 hours
              Marti Manly 132.3 hours
              Patti Stevenson 142.0 hours
              Tom Waters 39.5 hours

7. Request for authorization for a one time bonus in an amount equal to the excess accrued vacation leave beyond the limits established by Idaho Code for the following employees. The vacation limits will be restored at 336.0 hours following payment.
              Vacation balances as of April 30:
              Gary Broker 579.50
              Billie Schell-Ruby 424.60
              Larry Tippets 483.60
              William Uhrig 507.20

    Request for authorization to pay moving expenses from University funds in the amount of $9,500.00 for the position of Dean, Student Affairs.


9. Request that the waiver of the $1,000 limit on bonuses be extended to all state agencies. The Department of Health and Welfare received Board of Examiners approval on 4-13-99 for waiver of $1,000 bonus limit for the remainder of FY 99 and FY 2000 until 9-30-99. It was stipulated that only one bonus per employee be provided in FY 2000, and that only workers who received a performance review that exceeded expectations or better would be eligible for such bonuses.

10. Request for authorization to pay a $4,000 IT bonus to Don Peterson, who is supervisor of the IT function of the Idaho Law Telecommunications System (ILETS) section. His title, ILETS Field Training Coordinator, is not a normal IT position.

11. Request for authorization to pay 110.0 hours accrued compensatory time for Mr. Michael Key, IT Manager, accrued between July 1, 1998 through April 6, 1999. Because of the demands associated with the Y2K issue, it would be very difficult to significantly reduce these hours prior to the end of this fiscal year without negatively impacting department operations and resources.

12. Request for authorization to pay up to $5,500 to PERSI on behalf of Corporal Steve Hobbs, who was seriously injured by gunshot while on patrol in June of 1991. He was not eligible for disability retirement and could not perform the duties of a State Trooper. He has been working as a "School Resource Officer" in the Rupert area but is unable to continue in this kind of assignment. The $5,500 will "buy back" some previous eligible time for Hobbs and he can go on disability retirement.

13. Request for authorization to pay compensatory time for the following Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) employees accumulated during the past six months because of employee vacancies:
          Doug Graves 70.0 hours
          Debbie Kindelberger 87.0 hours
          Steve Westerberg 71.3 hours

    Request for authorization to pay 104.0 hours compensatory time for Sheila Jensen, accrued between June 5, 1998 and March 6, 1999. Sheila runs the day-to-day operations of the Board office and performs her increased administrative responsibilities. She continues to remain at the maximum hours allowable for vacation time.

    Request for authorization to pay 105.5 hours compensatory time for Norma Clark, IT Systems Analyst Supervisor, Division of Computer Services. She has almost reached maximum vacation accrual limits and is unable to reduce the compensatory time hours.

    Request that the Guidelines for the Disposal and Sale of Surplus Personal Property, #5 disposal means, be revised by including organizations that qualify under Section 501(c)(19) Internal Revenue Service. This change would allow state organizations to donate surplus property to our state's nationally chartered veterans service organizations.


17. Notification that Bentley Stromberg, of the firm of Clements, Brown & McNichols, has been appointed to represent the interests of the University of Idaho in the Matter of Erik Thorson/University of Idaho, Office of Civil Rights Ref. No. 10992044, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

18. Notification that Kirtlan G. Naylor, of the firm of Hamlin & Sasser, has been appointed to represent the interests of the Idaho Public Utilities Commission in the Matter of Rita Scott/Public Utilities Commission, Idaho Personnel Commission, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

19. Notification that John Bujak, attorney at law, has been appointed to represent the Idaho Human Rights Commission during the preparation for and the conduct of a meeting of the Commission to be held in Boise, Idaho on May 1, 1999, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

20. Notification that Candy Wagahoff Dale, of the firm of Hall, Farley, Obserrecht & Blanton, has been appointed to represent the interests of the Idaho Department of Labor in the Matter of Maria Gonzalez Mabbutt, U.S. Department of Labor, Directorate of Civil Rights, DCR Complaint No.: 96-ID-003, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

Motion to approve the Consent Agenda was made by Attorney General Alan G. Lance. Secretary of State Pete T. Cenarrusa seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


21. Estimate of the State Insurance Fund expenses to be paid by sight drafts for the month of April, 1999.
      Estimated expenditure for workers $7,500,000.00
      compensation claim costs, dividends
      and premium refunds
    Funds Expended in March 1999:
      Workers Compensation Claim Costs $7,324,951.68
      Dividend ( 540,123.59)
      Policy Refunds 329,717.42
      Total $7,114,545.51

22. Estimate of the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund expenses to be paid by sight draft for the month of April 1999.
      Estimated expenditures for $750,000.00
      Petroleum Storage Tank Fund
    Fund expended in March 1999:
      Payroll $ 49,209.66
      Operations 9,044.02
      Continuous Appropriations - Operations 45,388.91
      Continuous Appropriations - PSTF Claim Costs 22,376.19
      Total $126,018.78

WHEREUPON THE MEETING OF THE STATE BOARD OF EXAMINERS was adjourned, subject to the call of the Chairman.

                            Governor Dirk Kempthorne
                            Chairman of the Board

J. D. Williams, Secretary to the Board
and State Controller
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