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June 15, 1999 - 8:55 a.m.
JRW East Conference Room

Members Attending:
      Secretary of State Pete T. Cenarrusa, Presiding Chairman of the Board
      Attorney General Alan G. Lance
      State Controller and Secretary of the Board J. D. Williams

Member Absent:
      Governor Dirk Kempthorne

Sub-Committee Members Attending:
      Ben Ysursa, Office of Secretary of State
      David High, Office of Attorney General
      H. W. Turner, Office of State Controller

Visitors Attending:
      Ed Strickfaden, Director, Department of Law Enforcement

    DEPARTMENT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT - Mr. Ed Strickfaden, Director
1. (Department of Law Enforcement will provide a copy of the final policy) Request for authorization to provide a yearly clothing and cleaning allowance for non-uniformed commissioned employees. These employees are often exposed to conditions that are not conducive to preventing damage and destruction to their clothing, such as responding to crime scenes ranging from clandestine drug labs to homicide scenes.

2. Request for authorization to reimburse moving expenses, not to exceed $7,000, to move their candidate for DNA Technical Leader, who will run the DNA Forensic Program, from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

3. Request for authorization to pay overtime to the following employees working under the guidelines of the Crime Scene Response Unit Grant (Byrne grant #TF-77-97) from July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000:
                  Senior and Principal Criminalist(s)
                  Criminalist/Lab Supervisor(s)
                  Latent Fingerprint Examiner Supervisor
                  DNA Technical Leader
                  Latent Fingerprint Examiner(s)

    Request for authorization to reimburse moving expenses of up to $6,500 for Dr. Boris Bracio for the position of assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering Program. Dr. Bracio's home is in Germany and he has recently been studying at a university in Austria. The requested reimbursement will cover only a portion of the cost to relocate household goods from Germany and office items from Austria.

5. DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION (The Sub-Committee members recommend this request be denied, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-5329)
    Request for authorization to pay 201.5 hours compensatory time for James G. Gabbitas who retired on April 29, 1999 after 20 years of service. The department would like to reactivate him in the payroll system and pay him for the accrued time. He was unable to take the time off prior to his scheduled retirement because of short staffing at the Maximum Security Prison.


6. (The Sub-Committee members recommend approval to pay 112.0 hours compensatory time, which is one half the amount requested). Request for authorization to pay 224.0 hours compensatory time for Jenifer Beddoes, EIT, Land Application Specialist, Division of Animal Industries, who manages the waste application program. Jenifer is nearing her maximum vacation balance and will not be able to take the compensatory time off in the next year without continuing to lose vacation time.

7. (The Sub-Committee members recommend approval to pay 422.0 hours compensatory time, which is one half the amount requested). Request for authorization to pay 844.0 hours compensatory time for Michael C. Mitchell, PE, Dairy Program Manager, Division of Animal Industries, who manages the dairy program. Michael's vacation balance is near his maximum accrual limit and he will not be able to take the compensatory time off in the next year without continuing to lose vacation time.

8. Request for authorization to pay 237.5 hours vacation leave in the pay period ending June 12, 1999 for Ms. Audrey Corbin, Financial Support Technician. This would allow the department to pay the leave in fiscal year 1999 and lessen the impact on their tight fiscal year 2000 budget. Ms. Corbin is retiring effective June 30, 1999.

9. Request for authorization to use $18,000 of Penalty and Interest monies to pay 1999/2000 membership dues to the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies, Inc., pursuant to Idaho Code § 72-1348(b).

10. Request for authorization to use $20,000 Penalty & Interest monies as state matching and supplemental funds for the Idaho Rural Partnership federal grant for FY2000, pursuant to Idaho Code § 72-1348(b).


11. Request for authorization to lift the vacation caps for G. Joy Fereday, IT Programmer Analyst, Sr., and R. Phyllis Siefkas, IT Systems Analyst, until the end of FY 2000 (June 30, 2000) while they are involved in the critical development and testing stage of the new PERSI membership system.

12. Request for authorization to pay 103.5 hours compensatory time for G. Joy Fereday accrued from January 1, 1999 to May 29, 1999 while working on the membership system project.

    Request for authorization to pay bonuses to the following employees, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-5309C(b)(iii):
          Roberta Korfanta $ 500.00 FY 99 PERSI funds
          Barry Burnell $ 500.00 FY 99 PERSI funds
          Krishnaswam Viswanathan $ 500.00 FY 99 PERSI funds
          Paula Lyon $ 500.00 FY 99 PERSI funds
          Robert Howarth $ 500.00 FY 99 PERSI funds
          Jon Sandoval $ 500.00 FY 99 PERSI funds
          Don Lee $ 500.00 FY 99 PERSI funds


14. Notification that Roger Hales, attorney at law, has been appointed to represent the Public Health District No. 4 Board of Health, by and through its Chairman Anne Payne, Central District Health Department and Kathy Holley, Central District Health Director in Case No. CV-0C-9902451D, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409..

15. Notification that Roger J. Hales of the firm of Hamlin & Sasser has been appointed for the purpose of representing the state in the Root v. S.W. Dist. Health Dept., CV-99-02963, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

    Request for approval of the 1999 Idaho Code Annual Distribution List, pursuant to Idaho Code § 73-212.
          Agency Number
          Ada County 47
          Adams County 7
          Administration, Department of 6
          Aging, Idaho Office on 1
          Agriculture, Department of 6
          Alabama Supreme Court Library 1
          Alaska Legislative Reference Library 1
          Arizona Department of Library & Archives 1
          Attorney General, Office of 44
          Bannock County 32
          Bar, Idaho State 1
          Bear Lake County 6
          Benewah County 10
          Bingham County 13
          Blaine County 12
          Blind, Idaho Commission of the 1
          Boise County 6
          Boise State University Library 1
          Bonner County 16
          Bonneville County 20
          Boundary County 8
          Building Safety, Division of 6
          Butte County 8
          Camas County 4
          Canyon County 41
          Caribou County 8
          Cassia County 14
          Clark County 6
          Clearwater County 9
          College of Southern Idaho 2
          Colorado Supreme Court Library 1
          Commerce, Department of 1
          Connecticut State Library 1
          Controller, Office of the 5
          Corrections, Department of 14
          Custer County 6
          Dairy Products Commission 1
          Deaf and Blind, School for the 1
          Delaware State Law Library 1
          Dentistry, Board of 1
          Disaster Services 1
          Education, State Board of 1
          Education, State Department of 4
          Elmore County 15
          Endowment Fund Investment Board 1
          Engineers & Land Surveyors, Board of 1
          Environmental Quality, Division of 7
          Finance, Department of 2
          Financial Management, Division of 5
          Fish and Game, Department of (Legal) 8
          Florida Supreme Court Library 1
          Franklin County 8
          Fremont County 4
          Gem County 8
          Gooding County 10
          Governor, Office of the 4
          Hawaii Supreme Court Law Library 1
          Health & Welfare, Div of Management Svs 30
          Health Districts, Central 1
          Health Districts, Conf of Id's Seven Public 1
          Health Districts, District Seven 1
          Health Districts, North Central 1
          Health Districts, Panhandle 2
          Health Districts, Southeastern 1
          Health Districts, Southwestern 1
          Human Rights, Commission on 1
          Idaho County 9
          Idaho State Library 2
          Idaho State University 3
          Industrial Commission 5
          Insurance Fund, State 2
          Insurance, Department of 3
          Iowa State Law Library 1
          Jefferson County 7
          Jerome County 14
          Juvenile Correction Center 1
          Juvenile Corrections, Department of 1
          Kansas Supreme Court Law Library 1
          Kentucky State Law Library 1
          Kootenai County 40
          Labor, Department of 6
          Lands, Department of 5
          Latah County 15
          Law Enforcement Training 1
          Law Enforcement, Department of 26
          Law Library, Idaho Supreme Court 46
          Legislative Auditor 2
          Legislative Budget Office 3
          Legislative Services 12
          Legislature, House of Representatives 25
          Legislature, Senate 18
          Lemhi County 8
          Lewis & Clark State College 5
          Lewis County 13
          Lieutenant Governor, Office of 1
          Lincoln County 8
          Liquor Dispensary 1
          Local Highway Technical Assist. Council (LHTAC) 1
          Madison County 9
          Maine Law & Legislative Reference 1
          Medicine, State Board of 1
          Military Division 1
          Minidoka County 12
          Minnesota State Law Library 1
          Mississippi State Law Library 1
          Missouri Supreme Court Library 1
          Montana State Law Library 1
          Nebraska State Library 1
          New Hampshire State Library, Law Division 1
          New Mexico Law Library 1
          Nez Perce County 17
          North Carolina Supreme Court 1
          North Dakota Supreme Court Library 1
          North Idaho College Library 2
          Nursing, State Board of 1
          Occupational License Bureau 1
          Oklahoma Department of Libraries 1
          Oneida County 5
          Owyhee County 8
          Parks & Recreation, Department of 2
          Payette County 9
          Peace Officers Standards & Training Academy 1
          Performance Evaluation, Office of 2
          Personnel Commission 2
          Pharmacy, Idaho State Board of 1
          Power County 7
          Public Utilities Commission 8
          Public Works Contractors License Board 1
          Real Estate Commission 1
          Retirement System, Public Employees 2
          Rhode Island State Law Library 1
          Secretary of State, Idaho 4
          Shoshone County 15
          South Carolina Legislative Council 1
          South Dakota Supreme Court Library 1
          Tax Appeals, Board of 1
          Tax Commission, Idaho State 18
          Tennessee State Law Library 1
          Teton County 6
          Transportation, Department of 12
          Treasurer, Office of the State 1
          Twin Falls County 27
          University of Idaho 33
          University of Idaho Library 1
          Utah State law Library 1
          Valley County 10
          Vermont State Library 1
          Virginia State Law Library 1
          Vocational Education 1
          Vocational Rehabilitation 1
          Washington County 10
          Washington State Law Library 1
          Water Resources, Department of 4
          Wyoming State Library 1
          Total 1,033
          House members 49
          Senate members 18
          Total number of Volumes 1,100

    Proposed draft requiring signed statement from all new hire employees who receive moving expense reimbursement. Employees who voluntarily resign from state government within one year from original date of employment must reimburse the state for 100% of such reimbursement. This would be included in the State Moving Policy.

State Controller J. D. Williams said a request has been made to delay Item #1 for further review by the Attorney General to see if it is in compliance with existing law. Attorney General Al Lance made a motion to recommend approval of Consent Agenda Items # 2-17. Secretary of State Pete T. Cenarrusa seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


18. Estimate of the State Insurance Fund expenses to be paid by sight drafts for the month of May, 1999.
      Estimated expenditure for workers $7,500,000.00
      compensation claim costs, dividends
      and premium refunds

    Funds Expended in March 1999:
      Workers Compensation Claim Costs $8,160,960.98
      Dividend 20,541.80
      Commissions 731,534.89
      Policy Refunds 150,500.67
      Total $9,063,539.34

19. Estimate of the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund expenses to be paid by sight draft for the month of May 1999.
      Estimated expenditures for $750,000.00
      Petroleum Storage Tank Fund
    Fund expended in March 1999:
      Payroll $ 72,668.08
      Operations 6,916.51
      Continuous Appropriations - Operations 25,468.76
      Continuous Appropriations - PSTF Claim Costs 335,322.40
      Total $440,375.75

WHEREUPON THE MEETING OF THE STATE BOARD OF EXAMINERS was adjourned, subject to the call of the Chairman.

                          Secretary of State Pete T. Cenarrusa
                          Presiding Chairman of the Board

J. D. Williams, Secretary to the Board
and State Controller
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