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Friday, February 6, 1998 – 9:00 a.m.
Office of the State Controller – 5th Floor Conference Room A

Attending: David High, Office of Attorney General
          Darrell Manning, Office of Governor
          H. W. Turner, Office of State Controller
          Ben Ysursa, Office of Secretary of State

Visitors Attending:
      Peggy Haar, State Controller’s Office
      Audrey Musgrave, State Controller’s Office
      Gary Broker, Department of Health and Welfare
      Ken Winkler, State Liquor Dispensary
      Sue Simmons, Transportation Department

1. STATE CONTROLLER’S OFFICEPeggy Haar, Administrator, Division of Statewide Payroll
    Proposed policies for establishing final end dates for (1) unlimited vacation accrual and (2) compensatory time payments for exempt employees when approved by the Board of Examiners.
      (1) The proposed policy for establishing final end dates for unlimited employee vacation accruals was discussed. Ben Ysursa noted that the Board set a prior policy on reducing existing maximum vacation accruals after legislation was passed that provided that only the Board of Examiners can authorize accrual of vacation time beyond the limits established by law. He said he didn’t think we could establish a new policy when one already exists. Peggy Haar stated she felt the vacation accrual cap should not be lifted in emergency or unusual situations. Gary Broker stated they have tried to reduce vacation accruals but knows there are at least five Department of Health and Welfare employees who have accumulated large vacation balances. He said that on the new requests for large projects they have asked affected managers and employees be given a year after the project is completed to have vacation accrual balances reduced below maximum. Ben Ysursa made a motion that a letter be sent to affected agencies involved informing them the policy is in place and will be monitored. Darrell Manning seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

      (2) The proposed policy for establishing final end dates for compensatory time payments was discussed. Peggy Haar stated she would like a final end date established when a request is made and the EIS system would automatically track it and publish relevant reports for the Sub-Committee. She said the Department of Lands Fire Suppression would be the exception. Also, other emergency type situations such as floods, etc. Ben Ysursa made a motion to recommend approval for Policy #2 on the Consent Agenda. David High seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

2. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND WELFAREGary Broker, Administrator, Division of Management Services
    Request for authorization to waive the bonus limit for the following employees for the PERSI rate reduction bonus because their current wage was at or near the end of their pay grade, or the maximum bonus total was exceeded when combined with the one time increases distributed last summer per HCR 25, pursuant to Idaho Code §67-5309C (b) (iii):

Name and Title Location Waiver
      Richard Haverman, R.Ph., Pharmacist State Hospital North $993
      Tom Atkinson, RN Charge Admissions Officer State Hospital North $440
      Jo Sharrai, Medical Technologist State Hospital North $568
      Merlin Anderson, HR Specialist State Hospital North $568
      Delbert Walker, Carpenter State Hospital North $383
      Errol Arford, Clinical Supervisor Region I Mental Health $330
      Fred Scoresby, Clinical Supervisor Region VII F&CS $843
      Val Denton, Human Services Supervisor Region VII Mental Hlth $854
      Winston Clayton, Social Worker Region VII F&CS $676
      Martha Buttram, Therapy Technician Region III, DDP $198
      Fred Confer, Psychosocial Rehab Spec Region III, CMH $ 95
      Barbara Gibson, Clerical Specialist Region III, Self-Rel Pg $ 11
      Tim McGee, Clinician Region III, CMH $674
      Shambu Yadav, Clinical Supervisor Region III Mental Hlth $966
      Joyce Malstrom, IT Systems Operator ITSD $186
      Coleen Nelson, Administrative Secretary ITSD $403
      Tom Waters, IT Systems Analyst ITSD $453
      Adrian Dean, Physician, Clinical Director Region V Mental Hlth $1104
      William Urhig, Self-Reliance Spec, Principal Region V EBT $250
      Duree Allen, Personnel Specialist ISSH $400
      Linda Bates, Administrative Secretary ISSH $200
      James Bulmer, Therapy Technician ISSH $140
      Cindy Gant, Therapy Technician ISSH $425
      Christine Howell, Therapy Technician ISSH $140
      Ralph Hutchison, Therapy Technician ISSH $425
      Krystin Miley, Therapy Technician ISSH $140
      Twila Morford, Therapy Technician ISSH $140
      Reed Mulkey, Social Worker ISSH $630
      Jerry Schank, Occupational Therapist ISSH $460
      Carol Small, Therapy Technician ISSH $140
      Renee Stewart, Social Worker ISSH $630
      Letitia Thomas, Personnel Technician ISSH $475
      Nancy Harvey, Administrative Secretary Division of Medicaid $500

    Name and Title Location Waiver
        Diane Yarrington, Alternate Care Coord Division of Medicaid $900
        Theo Murdock, State Welfare Pol Pgm Spec Division of Medicaid $1204
        Richard Swenson, Ph.D., Psych, Clin Supv State Hospital South $520
        David Sitzman, Electrician State Hospital South $230
        Daniel Perry, Security Officer, Hlth Facility State Hospital South $ 80
        Kathryn Christiansen, Sr. Secretary State Hospital South $140
        C. Dale Williams, Clinician State Hospital South $245
        John McCormick, M.D., Clinical Director State Hospital South $480
        Ralph Heckard, M.D., Medical Director State Hospital South $480
        Budd Kendrick, Ph.D., Chief of Psychology Region IV $337
        Francis Kirk, Ph.D., Clinical Supervisor Region IV $299
        Shirley Carrier, Welfare Eligibility Examiner Region IV $431
        Katherine Griffith, Client Services Technician Region IV FCS $123
        Denise Green, Technical Records Specialist Region IV FCS $ 10
        Jack Kaper, Social Worker Region IV FCS $594
        Paula Woodward, Legal Secretary Region IV Admin $376
        Robert Bratcher, Chief of Social Work Region IV FCS $683
        Susan Altman, Administrative Secretary Region IV Admin $494
        Phil Gordon, Welfare Quality Control Anal, Sr Division of Welfare $667
        Lynn Willmorth, Secretarial Supervisor Division of Welfare $385
        Gary Grunke, Technical Writer Division of Welfare $347

        Gary Broker stated the department is not able to give these employees bonuses without a waiver from the Board because their current wage is near the end of their pay grade or the maximum bonus total was exceeded. David High made a motion to recommend approval on the Consent Agenda. Ben Ysursa seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

    3. STATE LIQUOR DISPENSARYKen Winkler, Chief Financial Officer
      Request for authorization to pay 265.5 hours accrued compensatory time for Robert L. Bergstrom, Information Technology Resource Manager. Mr. Bergstrom is unable to take time off due to increased workload in preparation of the Year 2000 Project and turnover within the Information Technology Unit. He is nearing his vacation maximum accrual and has 60.5 hours of Earned Administrative Leave.
        Ken Winkler stated Mr. Bergstrom has worked excessive overtime due to personnel turnover and the Year 2000 Project. Ben Ysursa made a motion to recommend approval on the Consent Agenda. Darrell Manning seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

      Request for authorization for an extension for the following employees to accrue vacation in excess of the maximum allowable limit while working on the new Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) until April 1, 1998 because of the revised implementation date. Any excess balances accrued will be liquidated before December 30, 1998.
        Hard Baxter Chuck Cahoon Richard Cate
        Kathy Chase Leonard Campbell Jim Csencsits
        David Hall Suzanne Hawkins Steve Hunt
        Jeff Kopsa Mary Mangum Ron Mangum
        Laurie McAllister Dee Moffat Rod Becker
        Sherrill Smith Jackie Routen Cheryl Becker
        G. Lee Peckham W. Mark Richardson Rick Jones
        Randy Hall John Hurst Tom Martin
        Ron Stricklin Kurtis Smith

        Sue Simmons stated this request is because of the revised IFMS implementation date. David High made a motion to recommend approval on the Consent Agenda. Motion passed unanimously.


    5. Notification that Ms. Candy Wagahoff Dale of Hall, Farley, Oberrecht & Blanton has been appointed to represent the interests of the State of Idaho as Special Deputy Attorney General in the matter of Bonnie Hunter’s complaint to the Human Rights Commission and EEOC, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

    6. Notification that Mr. Steven K. Brown, of the firm of Hopkins, Roden Crockett, Hansen & Hoopes, has been appointed to represent the defendant in the Mann v. Rush, Case No. CV-OC-97-01887, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

    7. Notification that Howard R. Foley has been appointed to represent the Ada Soil Conservation District (District) in negotiations with the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and any subsequent litigation which may be filed by the ACHD, related to the acquisition by ACHD under its power of eminent domain or property interests in the District’s real property located at 118 West Franklin in Meridian, Idaho, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

    8. Notification that Mr. William A. McCurdy, of the firm of Evans Keane, LLP, has been appointed to represent the plaintiffs in the State of Idaho ex rel Winder, et al. v. Stahl and Dowding, Case No. CV-OC-95-004629D, and State of Idaho ex rel Smith, et al. v. Rock Contractors, Inc., Case No. CV-OC-95-02907D, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

    9. Notification that John W. Barrett has been appointed to appear for the Idaho Industrial Commission as an amicus in the Simpson v. Louisiana-Pacific Corp. and State of Idaho, ISIF, I.C. No. 90-685940, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

    10. Notification that Mr. Merlyn W. Clark, of the firm of Hawley, Troxell, Ennis & Hawley, LLP, has been appointed to represent the plaintiffs in the Hawkins v. Idaho Board of Correction, CV-OC-97-07135-M, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

    11. Notification that Paul Panther has been appointed a special deputy attorney general for the purposes of representing the Department of Correction in the Gomez v. Spalding, CV-91-0299-S-LMB, pursuant to Idaho Code § 67-1409.

    12. Notification that Stephen B. McCrea, Edwin L. Litteneker, Michael B. Howell, Mick Hodges, Steven A. Thomsen, and Robert L. Crowley, Jr. have been appointed to represent the State of Idaho in any appeal from a hearing officer’s decision filed pursuant to the authority of Idaho Code § 18-8002A, Automatic License Suspension Program.
        Ben Ysursa made a motion to recommend approval on the Consent Agenda for Attorney General’s Items 5 – 12. He noted on Item 10, Merlyn W. Clark would represent the defendant, not the plaintiff. Darrell Manning seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

    13. Reports from Boise State University, Idaho State University, University of Idaho, and Lewis-Clark State College on moving expense reimbursements (July 1, 1997 through September 30, 1997 and October 1, 1997 through December 31, 1997), per the State Moving Policy.
        Darrell Manning requested that a letter be sent to Gregory Fitch, Executive Director, State Board of Education, asking for the status on reimbursement of moving expenses in situations where individuals have received moving expenses and then voluntarily resigned within one year of the beginning date of employment with the colleges and universities.
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