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MINUTES– Subcommittee Meeting
November 8, 2007– 9:00 a.m.
Joe R. Williams Building, 5th Floor Conference Room A

The regular meeting of the Subcommittee to the State Board of Examiners was called to order at 700 West State Street, Boise, Idaho, at 9:03 a.m. pursuant to Idaho Code §67-2002 and by order of the chair.

The following members were present: Wayne Hammon, Governor’s Office, Division of Financial Management;
Chuck Goodenough, Deputy Secretary of State; Steve Olsen, Deputy Attorney General; and Patrick Hodges, Office of the State Controller, as assisting secretary to the subcommittee.

Also present by invitation were: David Fulkerson, Governor’s Office; Susan Cleverly, Bureau of Homeland Security; and Deborah Wonch, Office of the State Controller.


1. Minutes - Approved
Approval of official minutes for the meeting of the Subcommittee to the Board of Examiners
on October 11, 2007.

Resolution: Mr. Hammon moved to approve item 1 with a minor correction. Mr. Goodenough seconded the motion. The motion carried on a unanimous voice vote.


    2. Department of Administration - Approved
    Request for recognition of assignment pursuant to Idaho Code §67-1027 from
    DDSW, LLC to Cherry Plaza Associates, LLC.

    Resolution: Mr. Goodenough moved to approve item 2. Mr. Olsen seconded the motion.
    The motion carried on a unanimous voice vote.

    3. Bureau of Homeland Security, Division of Military, Executive Office
    of Governor - Approved
    Date to Board
    2007-00176HazMat$10,558.87Incident at 17173 Pier Road #29 in Bayview, Idaho, involving a pleasure boat docked at the marina and spilling diesel fuel from the bulge into the water. It was estimated that possibly as much as fifty gallons had been pumped into the water overnight, and a sheen was noted in the entire estimated 400,000 square foot marina.11/5/07
    2007-00201HazMat$361.05Incident at 3636 W. 5th on Post Falls involving a HazMat release of an unknown substance. The release occurred at the Flying J in the truck parking lot. The spilled product came from an unknown source, but when another truck parked over the substance, a fire broke out. Responsible party is unknown.11/5/07
    2007-00205HazMat$1,000.24Incident involving a sunken boat on Coeur d’Alene Lake at Mica Bay. An oil sheen was visible on the water and booms were put into to place to contain the oil.11/5/07
    2007-00206HazMat$2,214.17Incident at 14252 Highway 12 in Orofino involving a suspected pipe bomb and bomb making components. Bomb squad removed and disposed of suspected improvised explosive device and chemical components used to manufacture these explosives.11/5/07

    Discussion: Mr. Goodenough asked if there is authorization to pay an out of state bomb squad.

    Ms. Cleverly explained that the agreement right now is with Spokane’s bomb squad.

    Mr. Olsen asked if the HazMat item for $10,558.87 is likely to be recovered.

    Ms. Cleverly stated that the man responsible for it has a lawyer and is attempting to dispute the claim.
    The process will be longer to obtain the money than normal. Ms. Cleverly also said that they had a technical
    difficulty with the quarterly report and will get the information to the Board in the next week.

    Resolution: Mr. Hammon moved to approve item 3. Mr. Olsen seconded the motion.
    The motion carried on a unanimous voice vote.


    4. Attorney General
    a. Notification that Jethelyn H. Harrington, Civil Attorney with the Kootenai County Department of Administrative Services, has been appointed pursuant to Idaho Code §67-1409 as a special deputy attorney general for the purpose of representing the State of Idaho in the case of Harold D. Atkinson Real Property Forfeiture.
      b. Notification pursuant to Idaho Code §59-512 that Deputy Attorney General Cheryl A. Meade will accept additional outside employment at Boise State University in an educational program conducted under the supervision of the State Board of Education. Ms. Meade will teach a course in bankruptcy law at the University one evening per week starting the 2008 Spring Semester.

      5. State Insurance Fund
      a. Estimate of the State Insurance Fund expenses to be paid by sight drafts for the month of September, 2007.
          Estimated expenditure for workers compensation claim costs, dividends and premium refunds
        Funds Expended in September, 2007
        Workers Compensation Claim Costs
        Policy Refunds
        Estimate of the Petroleum Clean Water Trust Fund expenses to be paid by sight draft for the month of September, 2007.
            Estimated expenditure for Petroleum Clean Water Trust Fund
          Funds Expended in September, 2007:
          Claim Costs
          A meeting agenda will be available at the Idaho State Controller’s Office, 700 West State Street, Boise, Idaho, two (2) working days before the meeting.

          If you have questions or would like to arrange auxiliary aides or services for persons with disabilities, please contact the Idaho State Controller’s Office at (208) 334-3100. Accommodations for auxiliary aides or services must be made no less than five (5) working days in advance of the meeting.

          The CONSENT AGENDA addresses routine items the board may approve without discussion.

          The REGULAR AGENDA addresses policy and program items the board may wish to discuss prior to making a decision.

          The INFORMATION AGENDA provides information only.

          The agendas are subject to change and the Board may move an item from one agenda to another.

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