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To: Payroll/Personnel contacts
Subject:2018 W-2 Forms are Available Online
Sent Date:01/08/2019

This e-mail is being sent to all Payroll/Personnel contacts.

2018 W-2 Forms are Available Online

As of January 8, 2019, all State of Idaho employees are able to access their 2018 W-2s online.

New this year - Online W-2's are now viewable in .pdf format.

All current employees and those in terminated status after December 31, 2017 have the ability to view and print their W-2 on the web.

Reminder about Web Access and Security

As the New Year begins, many current and former employees will be requesting access to the SCO website for their W-2s.

Here are a few reminders regarding the importance of security:

    · E-mails to the Controller’s office should never include personal identifying/confidential information, such as social security numbers.
    · Current and former employees with a valid e-mail address in IPOPS are allowed to reset their own passwords.
    · Current and former employees without a valid e-mail address in IPOPS must contact the agency for online access to their W-2 information. Each agency has identified individuals designated as ‘web security’ contacts.

      NOTE: Password reset requests of this type, made on behalf of a current and former employee, must be received from the designated agency web security administrator.

    · Once an employee consents to view his/her W-2 online, a paper W-2 will not be mailed to them. This process will continue throughout the employee’s employment with the state (including the tax year in which the employee has separated employment). If the employee wishes to receive a paper W-2 they must remove consent.

As part of the separation process, please ensure that you have updated the employee’s mailing address and personal e-mail address in IPOPS. This will allow a former employee to reset his/her own passwords or remove consent and receive a paper W-2 in the mail.

As always, if you have questions, please contact the DSP Help Desk at dsphelp@sco.idaho.gov or (208) 334-2394.

O. 208-334-3100 F. 208-334-3338
E. tgrimes@sco.idaho.gov
W. www.sco.idaho.gov

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