​Donate Leave Resources

DHR's Policy on Donating Leave (Section 6) 

Requesting or receiving donated leave

Donating leave

Approving donated leave

Employee Sick Leave Request FAQ's


Processed Employee Sick Leave Requests


  • If an employee donated leave
    • Processed forms can be viewed in Self-Service/Views
    • Reduced leave balances are displayed in:
      • I-Time/Timesheets
      • IPOPS/Paystubs
  • If an employee received leave
    • Updated leave balances are displayed:
      • I-Time/Timesheets
      • IPOPS/Self Service/Paystubs


Agency Originators or Agency Signers can view processed requests/donations by utilizing the following resources:

  1. Creating a new view in IPOPS and select Employee Sick Leave Request as the document type along with any other search criteria of your choosing.
    • To search for a Sick Leave Request form for an employee that has donated leave use the Advanced Search feature in IPOPS Views. This search only works when the donating employee is from the same agency as the receiving employee. The search does not work when employees are at different agencies.
    • How to run an Advanced Search
      • In the Search for Word(s) box enter the Donating employee's last name or enter the SSN of the donated employee also and select Save & Run to begin your search. 
      • Note: Advanced Search will not locate a donating employee form if only the donating employee's SSN is entered in the SSN field or the donating employee's name is entered in the Search for Word(s) field along with their SSN or the donating employee agency number is entered in the Agency field.
  2. ILS inquiry screen in mainframe/online inquiry


Employee Sick Leave Request FAQ's:


 Where does my employee go to donate leave?

    • Sign in to the State Controller's website
    • At the SCO Applications Menu select Employee Self-Service (below Employee Applications)
    • From Self-Service Action, select 'Donate Leave' (when selected a view of all employees requesting leave donations will be displayed)
    • Click or select any request form to begin donating leave (if you would like to donate to a specific employee you will need their specific Request ID)


What is the Request ID?

The Request ID is provided to donating employees in order to protect the confidentiality of the requesting employee. If a donating employee wants to donate time to a specific employee, then they will need to obtain the Request ID from the receiving employee's agency to ensure the hours donated go to the specified employee.


Who can create the Employee Sick Leave Request forms?

Agency Personnel Originators


Who can approve the Employee Sick Leave Request forms?

Agency Personnel Signers


How do I approve Employee Sick Leave Requests?

  • Sign in to the State Controller's website
  • At the SCO applications Menu, Agency Applications, select IPOPS
  • Select 'Views'
  • From the left column, select 'Agency Signer'
  • The 'Agency Signer' view will display all documents that are awaiting agency approval
  • Select the Employee Sick Leave Request you wish to approve by clicking on the form
  • Once the form opens, verify the requesting employee meets the necessary criteria within the Receiving Authority Agreement (if leave is being donated from an employee at the same agency as the receiving agency, the Agency Signer must verify both the donating and receiving employee information and criteria are met)
  • Once the Employee Sick Leave Request has been reviewed and is ready to be approved, select 'Approve' at the top of the form (this action submits the form to DSP for final approval and processing)


Can I still submit paper Donated Leave Forms?

SCO will accept paper donated leave forms until 8/5/2020. The online forms will also be archived in IPOPS for future reference.


Is there training available for this new Employee Sick Leave Request form?

Yes. You can click on the link below to learn more from our guided tutorial.

Employee Sick Leave Request Process Overview


I am an I-TIME CPO and I used to be able to sign Donated Leave forms. Why can't I now?

IPOPS forms require specific security permissions in order to create or approve a document. Leave balances are personnel information and thus only personnel users in IPOPS have the authority to sign Employee Sick Leave Requests. IPOPS Personnel Originators have the authority to create these forms, and IPOPS Personnel Signers have the authority to approve these forms. If you need additional security permissions to process the new IPOPS Employee Sick Leave Request form, please contact your agency to discuss updating your permissions in the Security Access Request form.


My employee needs 40 hours of donated leave. I put in the request in IPOPS for 40 hours, but my employee only received 8 hours. I know other people want to donate as well. What do I do?

You will need to enter multiple requests in IPOPS if you know multiple donators will be donating. For example, if you know there are 5 employees who want to donate 8 hours each to this employee, then you will need to make 5 requests, each for 8 hours. You will also need to provide the donating employees with the receiving employee's Request ID, since no names will be visible to the donating employee. This will allow the donators to ensure they are donating time to the specified employee.  


Why was my employee's leave request form denied?

  • There could be multiple reasons why an Employee Sick Leave Request form gets denied. The most common reasons include:
  • If the form gets submitted or approved after the calendar deadline.
  • If the donating employee did not have enough sick or vacation hours to donate.
  • If the donating employee has already donated their maximum amount of hours for the fiscal year.
  • If the receiving employee had already received their maximum amount of hours for the fiscal year.
  • If the form does get disapproved, please go into your IPOPS views to review the form and the comments entered. You can hover over the small number icon at the top of the form, usually a 1 or a 2, to view the comments.


My employee has been sick and is in need of donated leave hours. How do I know if they qualify?

You will need to consult with DHR regarding the eligibility requirements. They can provide you with specific guidance as to what constitutes a qualifying need for donated leave.


Is there a limit of how much donated leave can be donated or received?

Yes. A maximum of eighty (80) combined hours of vacation and sick leave can be donated per fiscal year. Employees may receive up to 160 hours of sick leave per Fiscal Year.

Please consult DHR’s ruling regarding the transferring of vacation leave as well as DHR’s Leave Donation Policy  


What happens to all of the leave requests that were created but no one has donated hours to at the end of the pay period?

Sick Leave Requests that were 'not donated to' or did not get processed prior to payroll processing should be deleted by the requesting employee's agency Originator. If they are not deleted and stay in the 'Awaiting DSP' status, then DSP will disapprove the request.


When I open the Sick Leave Request I do not see where I donate hours?  I'm currently set up as an IPOPS Personnel Originator.

IPOPS Personnel Originators and Approvers that wish to Donate Hours will need to access the Sick Leave Request through the Donate Leave View.​

Note: As of March 1, 2022 Health Districts are no longer state agencies and therefore can only donate and receive internally (only within the Health Districts and no other agencies). If a Health District Employee tries to donate to another agency they will receive the following error message: Ineligible Donation. The request is not part of a Health District.