​Luma - The RFP Process

The RFI:

To obtain market data, The State issued a Request for Information (RFI) on October 3, 2016, for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and Systems Integration Services.

The RFI solicited responses from:

  • ERP software vendors
  • Systems integrators of ERP software
  • Firms that offered both software and integration services

The major response sections of the RFI:

  • Firm qualifications and experience
  • Narrative questions regarding software
  • Narrative questions regarding services
  • Response to Idaho high‐level business requirements
  • Response to Idaho model contractual terms and conditions
  • Representative pricing

Eleven unique RFI responses were received. The written responses were reviewed, and vendor presentations were held.


The Split Procurement Strategy:

In order to get the best competition and ERP software for the State of Idaho, there will be two Request for Proposal's (RFP). The first RPF is for the software and the second RFP is for systems integrators of the software.


Software RFP Preparation:

In preparation for the RFP, Luma’s project team recruited team leaders in the functional areas of budget, finance, procurement, payroll, and human capital management from State agencies that have authority in these categories. The team leaders made recommendations for 49 team members from 23 different agencies. These functional teams are in the process of reviewing and revising ERP requirements and "To Be" business process maps that will be included in the RFP.

The Luma Software RFP Functional Teams:

Budget Functional Team Finance Functional Team Procurement Functional Team HCM Functional Team
Jared Tatro | Team Co-Lead | LSO Brandon Purcell | Team Lead | SCO Valerie Bollinger | Team Lead | ADM Sharon Duncan | Team Lead | DHR
Matt Warnick | Team Co-Lead | DFM David Fulkerson | DFM Amy Swann | DHW Jen Callahan | SCO
Brandon Purcell | SCO April Renfro | LSO Jacque Leech | ITD Jennifer Hannah | DHW
Tamara Humiston | ADM Tamara Humiston | ADM Sonya Lacasse | VETERANS Kate Rice | ITD
Jodi Osborn | DHW Amy Swann | DHW Kim Frashier | IDOC Sharla Means | IDOC
Joel Drake | ITD Bryan Brown | ITD Devin Bloss | IDL Roxanne Lopez | TAX
Jack Carpenter | DEQ Debbie Buck | IDL Elizabeth Bowen | LSO Paula Edmiston | IMD
Kelly Nielsen | AGRI Michael Pearson | IDFG Kathy Corless | SDE Michael Hampton | PERSI
Steve Martin | IDPR Ken Suchy | ISP Dax Chizum | ISHS Jennifer Pike | ADM
Leslie Mickelsen | SCO Lisa Johnson | IDOC Karen Butler | ADM Michael Savoie | DBS
John Taylor | LABOR


Payroll Functional Team Technical Functional Team General Functional Team
Inventory Focus Group
Leslie Mickelsen | Team Co-Lead | SCO Greg Schenk | Team Lead | SCO Jared Tatro | LSO
Ken Suchy | ISP
Jen Callahan | Team Co-Lead | SCO Bob Hough | SCO Matt Warnick | DFM Bob Morlan | IDOC
Sharon Duncan | DHR Ken Stewart | ITD Brandon Purcell | SCO
Christina Gallegos | DHW
David Fulkerson | DFM Eileen Balcer | DHWValerie Bollinger | ADM
Alicia Oakes | ITD
Brandon Purcell | SCO David Wentland |TAX Sharon Duncan | DHR
Rachelle McCoy | ITD
Jennifer Hannah | DHW Brett Richard | LABORLeslie Mickelsen | SCO
Cameron Hughes | IDL
Dana Bailey | ITD Larry Sweat | PERSIJen Callahan | SCO
Michael Pearson | IDFG
Connie Thelander | IDFG Lance Wyatt | ITS Greg Schenk | SCO
Joe Zaher | IDOC
Nancy Gollaher | IMD
Gerry Smith | DEQ
Carrie Peterman | LABOR


Software RFP Released:

On August 24, 2018 the Software RFP was released. Software companies had until October 5th to respond to the RFP.  The RFP can be view HERE on the Luma public website.

Software Evaluation & Selection Process:

The State of Idaho is currently in the middle of the Software RFP process with the goal of finalizing the Software vendor by the the end fo February 2019. The formal RFP process started with the release of the software RFP on August 24th, 2018. On October 5th, 2018, software companies responded to the Request for Proposal for a modern statewide ERP system. The Luma Governance Board and Project Team assembled a State Evaluation Committee (SEC) to analyze the proposals, watch vendor demonstrations, score, and select the best ERP technology to move Idaho's business processes into the 21 century! Click HERE to learn more about Software Evaluation & Selection!