​Luma Cutover​​


The purpose of this page is to share time-critical changes that are expected in the transition from our many legacy systems to our new Luma system as we approach Go-live. Please use this early information to guide your thinking and decision-making for those business activities that will be 1) discontinued in a legacy system, 2) operated during the time of the transition, and 3) will then function differently in Luma. 

Additional functional guidance to complement this communication will be released by several state agencies, to include the Division of Human Resources, Division of Financial Management, Division of Statewide Accounting, Division of Statewide Payroll, and Division of Purchasing. 

The Luma project Agency Advocates are available to assist with any questions or additional information requests. 

Thank you for your  continued support of the Luma Project!

Supplier Portal Go-Live: May 1, 2023
Human Capital Management, Payroll, Workforce Management Go-Live: June 11, 2023
Finance Go-Live: July 1​, 2023