Employment Verifications​

The State of Idaho Controller's Office provides employment verification services that allow an organization to request information on an employee's salary and employment with the State of Idaho.  Our fast, secure services can be used for mortgage applications, loan applications, apartment leases, hire and separation dates, or anything that requires proof of employment.

Your employment verification may be fulfilled in Three (3) ways:



Active Employment Check

Simple verifications of active employment may be satisfied through the Statewide Workforce by Name Report on Transparent Idaho.

Verbal Verification

Contact the SCO Service Desk at 208-334-3100, option 2 or email us at servicedesk@sco.idaho.gov. Please have the employee's full name and last 4 of the SSN.


Written Verification (Turnaround is 3 business days)

Verification of Employment (VOE) Forms may be securely sent to us using the File Transfer Request Application

Have the completed VOE scanned before starting this process.  Fill in all requested information. Select "Employment Verifications" as the SCO Division Expecting your File(s).

You will then receive a secure email containing a URL and username/password.  Open this URL, and sign in to access a secure, private filespace for you to upload your VOE form.  You will receive on-screen confirmation when your VOE is uploaded successfully.

Once the verification is complete, you will receive a secure email from our office with the proper response documentation to fulfill your verification request.

 Fax services are still available for Written Verification if required:  208-334-3338  or  208-334-2671