​Luma Role Workshops​​


What are Luma Role Workshops?
  • Role Workshops are web-based presentations that provide an opportunity for State of Idaho staff to learn about role-specific high-level changes and impacts associated with the Luma implementation.
  • Please note, the “roles” discussed in the Role Workshops are not synonymous with Luma security roles. Instead, they represent high-level profiles of Luma users based on the type of work that is done at State agencies.
Which topics are covered during the Luma Role Workshops?
  • The statewide value of Luma and the broad culture and innovation changes that are to come
  • Examples of what tasks employees will perform in Luma
  • High-level changes employees can expect
  • The timeline for Training and Go-Live
What will I learn by attending or watching a workshop recording?
  After attending a role workshop, participants will understand:
  • Activities that will be performed in Luma
  • Role-specific changes associated with Luma and their corresponding impacts
  • Key dates and activities between now and Go-Live
  • What resources will be available to support staff and where to find relevant information about Luma

Employee Role Workshop:

Session Recording - https://youtu.be/gi_4B8nIHSc

Manager Role Workshop:

Session Recording - https://youtu.be/B25F_Q6uHgo​

Procurement Professionals Role Workshop:

Presentation Materials - Luma Role Workshop_Procurement 2.27.pdf

Session 1 Recording - https://youtu.be/BWQuqbo3ItU​

Session 2 Recording - https://youtu.be/YhKD5Kxjh-8

Finance Professionals Role Workshop:

Presentation Materials - Luma Role Workshop_Finance 2.28.pdf

Session 1 Recording - https://youtu.be/2UyvSi5LB2o

Session 2 Recording - ​https://youtu.be/AZ3uuKU-qAM​

Finance Role Workshop Questions: Finance Professionals Role Workshop Documented Questions Final.pdf

Recruiter Role Workshop:

Presentation Materials - Luma Role Workshop_Recruiter_Final.pdf

Session Recording - ​https://youtu.be/cyaGsR3B4tc​

HR Generalist Role Workshop:

Presentation Materials - Luma Role Workshop_HR Generalist Final.pdf

Session Recording - https://youtu.be/91NFcS9dVf4​

Luma Procurement Role Workshop FAQ: