Approve a Document​


The Adjustment administrator will assign users to approval levels. The Adjustment administrator sets up the number of approval levels and also the names of the approval levels as they appear on the Status screen, on the approval buttons on the Approval screen, and on Reports.

There is no DFM approval step in Adjustments. Thus, if a transaction code that requires Department of Financial Management approval is used on a transaction, the batch will error in STARS when the Adjustments document is uploaded. In that case, contact your DFM analyst and ask them to release the batch in STARS.

Approval Steps

1. Select an adjustment document from the Status screen. It will open on the Approval screen where you can review the details and then approve the document.

2. On the Status tab, click Select next to a document with a Status of Awaiting Approval Level to open a document that needs to be approved. (The name of the Approval Level is set up by your agency.) An icon in the Atch column indicates there are attached documents to review.

Figure 1 - Status screen example

Adjustments Status screen with several documents displayed;

3. The Approval screen will open. (If you do not have appropriate permissions to open a document, a message will be displayed stating so.)

4. You can check the check box for any 'title check box' for a fiscal code to view its descriptive title. For example, check SubObj Title to display the title of the subobject code. Uncheck a 'title check box' to hide its title.

Figure 2 - Fiscal Code title and effective date example

Adjustments Approval screen with the Effective Date and the PCA Title check box highlighted 

  • If the transaction code requires Department of Financial Management a(DFM) pproval, the batch will error in STARS because there is no DFM approval step in Adjustments - the adjustements will upload to STARS as is. In that case, contact your DFM analyst and ask them to release the batch in STARS.
  • If there are attached documents to view for the document, an asterisk will appear on Attachments tab. (You can also add a new or additional attachment.)

5. Click the Attachments tab.

6. Click View to open a separate window for each attachment.

7. When finished viewing the attachments, click the Approval tab.

8. If needed, change the Effective Date (see above) to set when the transaction will process in STARS.

  • The date entered may not be later than the current day's date.
  • The date entered may not be earlier than the first day of the previous month.
  • The Effective Date will be uploaded to STARS.

9. Click the Approve button (the name or label of the actual button will be set up by your Payment Services administrator).

  • Click View History to view the approval history of the document.

10. To reject an adjustment document, click Undo Approval, select where you want to return the document to, and then click Save.

Figure 3 - Undo approval example

Approval screen with Undo button highlighted;

Adjustments that are final approved by 6:30 PM MST of the business day will be sent to STARS that night. Adjustments that are final approved after that time will be sent at the end of the next business day. The Status of such adjustments will read, “Released". The batch number for adjustment transactions will be displayed in the Today's Batch # indication at the top of the Adjustments screen. Batch numbers are automatically incremented from 001 to 899.

Figure 5 - Released batch number example

Approval screen with the batch number and the released status highlighted

Server Error When Submitting Final Approval

Do not exceed 15 transaction rows of a document, fiscal coding distribution, or a template in a Statewide Accounting Application. Exceeding this number of transaction rows may cause an error when fiscal coding distribution is completed or when you submit the transactions for approval.