Status Screen

Status Screen Overview 

The Status screen displays adjustment documents that have been entered and saved in the application. You can search for and open documents to finish the adjustment transaction process. You can also search for and open any Templates you have saved.

The current day's Batch number is also displayed (transactions released that day will have that batch number). The batch numbers are automatically incremented from 001 to 899.

There are two parts of the Status screen:

  •  A search criteria area in which you can select or enter information and then click Find to find specific adjustment documents.
  • A list of adjustment documents sorted by Document #.

 Figure 1 - Status screen example
 Status screen with several documents

Sort the Document List

In the list of documents, click any of the column headers to sort the list. For example, click Document # to sort the list by document number or click Batch Type to sort the list by the batch type. Column headers include:

  • Atch – an Attachment icon indicates if there are attached documents. Click the icon to open the Attachment screen where you can view the attached document.
  • Document # - eight-character alphanumeric document number.
  • BatchType – the Batch Type - A - Adjustments, 1 - Budgetary, 2 - Receipts/Revenue, 3 - Expenditures/Enc, 5 - General.
  • Description – a 30 character description
  • Status - The status of the document in the application. 

Search for a Document

1. Select or enter search criteria (e.g., Document #, Status, Tran Code, etc.). When selecting Status, the list will contain the status of documents that are in the application. >

2. You can search by Group name by selecting a name from the Group drop down menu.

3. Click Find. The document(s) will appear in the document list section.

4. If necessary, click Reset to reset the search criteria to the defaults and click Find.

To find documents that have been sent to STARS, use the Reports screen to run a report based on the batch date.

Select a Document

Once you have located a document, either by looking through the document list or by searching for one, click Select next to it to open the document to complete the process indicated in the Status column.

  • Select a document with a Status of Adj Distribution in Progress or Awaiting Adj Distribution to complete fiscal coding and/or distribution. This will open the document in the Document screen.
  • Select a document with a Status of Awaiting Approval Level to open a document that needs to be approved (according to your agency's approval process). This will open the document in the Approval screen. The Approval Level name will be determined by your agency Adjustments administrator.

Attach Scanned Documents

To attach scanned documents, you must first select Select on the Status screen to open the document. Then click the Attachment tab to browse for and upload your documents.

On the Status page, there is no column indicating if there is an attachment on the document. You must click Select next to a document and look for an asterisk on the Attachment tab. This indicates that there is an attachment on the document. Click the Attachment tab to view the attachment.

Search for a Template 

1. If desired, select or enter search criteria (e.g., Document #, Status, Tran Code, etc.) 
2. Check the Template check box and then click Find. The template(s) will appear in the document list section. (If no specific criteria are selected, all templates will be displayed. 
3. Click Select next to the Template that you want to use.

Figure 2 - Example of Find a Template
 Status screen with Template check box highlighted