Compile Time Sheets - Fish and Game

Fish and Game can use the Compile Time Sheets to e-mail a comma delimited text file of time sheets or download the comma delimited text file to their PC and export it into Access.  It will exclude any time sheets with a status of Deleted, Disapproved or Retrieved.
From View/Print Reports, choose Compile Time Sheets.

A screen similar to the one displayed below will open.
Option to save the file:
Use the "Click Here" in the upper portion to save the file to a local drive.

To save the file to a local drive, right click or click on the "Click Here"
When the right click is used, the menu shown below will open.

Use the "Save Target As..", the File Save screen will open. 
When the "Click Here"  is clicked, a box will open that gives options to Open or Save

Choose Save
Save Target As and Save will open the file save as screen will open.  Choose the folder
where you want to save the ".txt" file.
The file must be saved with the .txt extension, or there will be problems when exporting to access, or when trying to open.

Name the file, or at least add the .txt and click save
Option to e-mail the file:
Use the "Click Here" in the lower portion to send the e-mail to the e-mail address displayed.

            Note:  When the e-mail option is used the file will be sent as an attachment. 
When the e-mail is successfully sent the screen below will be displayed.

The e-mail will arrive with an attachment similar to the below:

When the file is opened it will look similar to this: