Confidential Information Chart

Note: Upon proper identification, employees may have access to all information on his/her record.  Written request is required in all cases.
All Information not found on this chart is considered confidential.  Consult legal prior to distribution. 
Confidential Information Chart is Based on Idaho Code 74-106 ​ ​ ​
Base Information ​ ​ ​
Data on FilePublic InformationConfidential InformationComments
Home Address X 

E-mail Address

(primary and secondary)



Assign LocationX  
Birth Date X 
Direct Deposit X 
Ethnicity/Race X 
Gender X 
Hire DateX  
Marital Status X 
Org CodeX  
Pay LocationX  
Social Security Number X 
Veteran Status X 
Benefit Eligibility and Deduction Information ​ ​ ​
Tier LevelX  
Dental EligibilityX  
Dental Plan X 
Medical EligibilityX  
Medical Plan X 
Life EligibilityX  
Life Plan X 
Retirement EligibilityX  
Retirement Plan X 
Voluntary Deductions X 
Earnings Information ​ ​
Earnings by Employee X 
Agency or Statewide Earnings SummaryX  
Employee Leave Information ​ ​ ​
Agency or Statewide Leave SummaryX  
Employee Leave Balance X 
Employee Statewide CSS HoursX  
Employee Position Information ​ ​ ​
Appointment SuffixX  
Appointment TypeX  
Annual Equivalent SalaryX  
Class Code/DescriptionX  
Change ReasonX
DHR Register Number X 
Effective DateX  
Leave ScheduleX  
Override AmountX  
Override Begin DateX  
Override End DateX  
Overtime Accrual IndicatorX  
Pay GradeX  
Pay GroupX  
Pay Period HoursX  
Pay ScheduleX  
Pay StatusX  
Pay StepX  
Position Control NumberX  
Prior Position Control NumberX  
Process DateX  
Rate IndicatorX  
Retro DateX  
Time Sheet RequiredX  
Unemployment IndicatorX  
Work TypeX