​​CSC Billing Rates and Services​​

Fees and Payment Terms
The Computer Service Center (CSC) is a dedicated fund Division that is completely funded by customers. By law rates are established to only generate the revenue r​equired to cover the costs of the Computer Service Center and maintaining the technology infrastructure. These expenses include, but are not limited to:

•Hardware/Software Maintenance
•Hardware/Software Upgrades
•Personnel Cost
An SA-50 Interagency Billing Statement will be generated for services and/or resource used, and sent at the beginning of each month. Included with the statement are summary and detailed reports defining services/resources used. All services and rates are detailed in Idaho State Controller’s Billing Rates and
Services listed below. Billing rates are reviewed annually.
** A Service Code is a code used to determine the category of service and will appear as such on your monthly billing statement.



Envelope Folding and Sealing $39​Per Hour
Network Server Access $540Per  Internal Workstations
109Open System Storage
$.13134Per Gigabyte  Per Day
110Data Control Services  (OPS)$39 Per Hour- Workday - Special Requests by Customer
113Overtime OPS On-site$40Per Hour - Weekend/Holiday – 2 Hour minimum

Overtime Technical Support Services On-Call

$20 or $40$20 Per Workday Unit -  $40 Per Weekend / Holiday Unit
115Overtime  Technical Support Services On-site $100Per Hour – 2 Hour Minimum
116Technical Support Services$100Per Hour – Technical Support
119Overtime DP On-call $20 or 40$20 Per Workday Unit -  $40 Per Weekend / Holiday Unit
121IT Application Documentation  New FY2019$100 Per Hour
122Overtime DP On-site $100 Per Hour – 2 Hour Minimum
169DASD and HSM Storage Rental$.0009Per Megabyte Per Day
175Virtual Tape (VT) Storage$.00015Per Megabyte Per Day
176Server Housing Cost
$12.85Monthly Per 'U'  (+ One Time Set-up Fee TBD)
176Server Housing Cost$350Monthly Per 'Rack'  (+ One Time Set-up Fee TBD)
177Hosting CostTBDBased on Service Type
186Software ChargesActualCost of Software (passthru)
88Equipment PurchaseActualCost of Equipment (passthru)
190IT Application Management/Support$100 Per Hour
191IT Application Analysis$100 Per Hour
192IT Application Programming$100 Per Hour
193IT Tech Support & DB Admin$100 Per Hour
201CPU Hours Used $1,500Per CPU Hour (Batch)
203TSO CPU Hours Used$1,500Per CPU Hour
252Lines Printed – Local$1.08Per 1,000 Lines
255Laser Pages Printed -$11.00Per 100 Pages
257Special Forms Printed$.053Per Page
402Open System CPU Memory FY2019$12.00Per GB Per Day
402Open System CPU Memory New FY2020$8.7Per GB Per Day
390ADABAS CPU$1,500Per CPU Hour
390BADABASE Batch CPU$1,500Per CPU Hour
$1,500Per CPU Hour
201BCORE CPU RATETBDContact CSC Administrator
390CCORE ADABAS RATETBD​Contact CSC Administrator


If services are being performed for multiple customers – cost will be allocated accordingly.
Other services, such as Virtual Storage K-Hours and CICS Terminal Transaction Charges may be captured and reported even though there is no charge for that service.
Batch jobs completing between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am are given a 17% discount Monday through Thursday on all JUR (Job Utilization Records) records
Special forms rate is adjusted to new cost with each shipment of forms inventory.
• *On-call and On-site billed and compensated hours ultimately are determined by work required and Management discretion.