​​​​​​CSC Billing Rates and Services​​

Fees and Payment Terms
The Computer Service Center (CSC) is a dedicated fund Division that is completely funded by customers. By law, rates are established to only generate the revenue r​equired to cover the costs of the Computer Service Center and maintaining the technology infrastructure. These expenses include, but are not limited to:

•Hardware/Software Maintenance
•Hardware/Software Upgrades
•Personnel Cost
Billing statements will be generated for services and/or resource used, and sent at the beginning of each month. Included with the statement are summary and detailed reports defining services/resources used. All services and rates are detailed in Idaho State Controller’s Billing Rates and
Services listed below. Billing rates are reviewed annually.

** A Service Code is a code used to determine the category of service and will appear as such on your monthly billing statement.



Envelope Folding and Sealing $39 ​Per Hour
Network Server Access $540 Per  Internal Workstations
109 Open System Storage
$.10684 Per Gigabyte Per Day
​113 Overtime OPS On-site $40 Per Hour - Weekend/Holiday – 2 Hour minimum

Overtime Technical Support Services On-Call

$20 or $40 $20 Per Workday Unit -  $40 Per Weekend / Holiday Unit
115 Overtime  Technical Support Services On-site $100 Per Hour – 2 Hour Minimum
116 Technical Support Services $100 Per Hour – Technical Support
119 Overtime DP On-call $20 or 40 $20 Per Workday Unit -  $40 Per Weekend / Holiday Unit
121 IT Application Documentation  New FY2019 $100 Per Hour
122 Overtime DP On-site $100 Per Hour – 2 Hour Minimum
176 Server Housing Cost
$12.85 Monthly Per 'U'  (+ One Time Set-up Fee TBD)
176 Server Housing Cost $350 Monthly Per 'Rack'  (+ One Time Set-up Fee TBD)
177 Hosting Cost TBD Based on Service Type
186 Software Charges Actual Cost of Software (passthru)
88 Equipment Purchase Actual Cost of Equipment (passthru)
190 IT Application Management/Support $100 Per Hour
191 IT Application Analysis $100 Per Hour
192 IT Application Programming $100 Per Hour
193 IT Tech Support & DB Admin $100 Per Hour
252 Lines Printed – Local $1.08 Per 1,000 Lines
255 Laser Pages Printed - $11.00 Per 100 Pages
257 Special Forms Printed $.053 Per Page
402 Open System CPU Memory​ $7.07 Per GB Per Day
DUO Multi-Factor-Authentication Subscription
Per User/Per Month**

​Luma Enterprise Business Ops​
VariesAs provided by 9/25/2023 billing rate memo​


** Notes:

  1. ​DUO subscriptions may be deployed for employee use by any state agency for purposes unrelated to LUMA to meet agency Multi-Factor Authentication requirements. The SCO will provide "child" administration capabilities for those that desire it as well as access to CSC and DUO Care technical support.
  2. At this time, state agencies will only be charged for users who utilize DUO for purposes unrelated to LUMA. User charges for individuals accessing LUMA applications will be assessed after Phase 1 LUMA go-live and the CSC services billing structure revision.​

If services are being performed for multiple customers – cost will be allocated accordingly.
Other services, such as Virtual Storage K-Hours and CICS Terminal Transaction Charges may be captured and reported even though there is no charge for that service.​
Special forms rate is adjusted to new cost with each shipment of forms inventory.
• *On-call and On-site billed and compensated hours ultimately are determined by work required and Management discretion.