​​Data and File Transfers

Many official State business processes require the transfer of data and files between ​State of Idaho Agencies and the State of Idaho Controller's Office.

File Transfers with LUMA SFTP

Review the SFTP Master Guide, accessible from the SCO Enterprise Dashboard or ServiceNow KB.

File Transfers with the IBIS Datawarehouse

Used to download large reports and datasets generated by IBIS

Hostname:  ibis.sco.idaho.gov​

Port:  21


  • Explicit TLS encryption  (Implicit TLS is NOT supported)  The security settings generally are listed as SSL, TLS, AUTH SSL, AUTH TLS, Explicit TLS, or FTPES. Consult the Help feature in your FTP client for specifics on how to enable this. SSL 2/3 is no longer supported.
  • Passive Mode connections
  • Extended Passive Mode (EPSV), sometimes called NAT PASV, NAT Firewall, or any setting related to passive mode noting that the FTP server's External IP Address will be used.

Steps to Setup an automated IBIS Report grab via FTPS:

1. Select an IBIS report to use.
2. Click the Schedule icon next to that report from the IBIS folder view.
3. Set a time for the report to run, for example Friday, at 6 PM.
4. In the Options section, make sure Override the Default Values is checked, then setup the Output format you would like, probably CSV or XML.
5. In the Delivery section, put a check by "Save to the Filesystem", then click Edit the Options next to it.
6. There are 3 selections for File System Export:
a. Either select to use the current report name, or type a new one to save it with.
b. Select YOUR AGENCY from the Drop down list. (FTP Access Agency ###)
c. Select the Conflict Resolution you desire.
7. Click OK, then OK again.
8. The report will be saved to your agency FTP folder in this exact format. Name-en-us.extension
(You have freedom here on how you want to choose to save exported reports, and also how you want to get them using the FTP process. You can select "Replace Existing Files", and continually save a report over the old one, then program your FTP script to get just that report, OR you can select "Make the Filenames Unique and Append a timestamp", and keep many versions of reports at a time and program your FTP script to get all of them with a wildcard.)

9. Obtain the MoveItFreely FTPS client and place it on a computer that is running during the time of your scheduled event.

10. Contact the State of Idaho Controller's Office Service Desk at 208-334-3100 or email us servicedesk@sco.idaho.gov at  and request a username and password to the IBIS Report FTP site.

11. Write a script which runs the following FTP command:

ftps -e:on -z -a -s:C:\scriptfile.txt

--with the following FTP Script file. (using the wildcard example above, the LCD line is not NECESSARY but usually helpful to direct where to put downloaded reports, please customize to your location, also, the reportname only need be double-quoted when there is spaces in it.)

open ibis.sco.idaho.gov



lcd C:\reportexports

mget "cash-en-us*"


12. Schedule that script to run sometime after the IBIS report runs, for example Friday, at 7PM.

File Transfers with SCO Personnel or Technical Teams

Multiple Data files of up to 1GB each may be securely sent using the File Transfer Request Application

Fill in all requested information. Select the division to receive your file(s) from the SCO Division Expecting your File(s) field.

You will then receive a secure email containing a URL and username/password.  Open this URL, and sign in to access a secure, private filespace for you to upload your file(s).  You will receive on-screen confirmation when your file(s) is/are uploaded successfully.