Declare Surplus Property

Declare Surplus Property

Purpose: Form used to declare personal property that is of no further use to the agency.  This electronic form can be used or agencies may notifiy other public agencies of the availability of such surplus property through other advertisement. See Policy 'Declaration of Surplus'.

Once items have been submitted they will remain on the Controller's 'Available Surplus Property' site for the time period set by the agency, but must remain available for a minimum period of 14 days.  Items will be automatically deleted from this listing upon expriration of the time set by the agency.

Items Exempt From Declaration: Items that have a current value of zero, or a current value of less than what it would cost to dispose at an auction or refuse site are exempt from declaration. For more information, see policy 'Declaration as Surplus'.

Form Location:, application menu 'Dispose or Declare of Surplus Property', Select the link titled 'Declare Surplus Property'

Only the following individuals will have access to the declaration and disposal forms:

  • Heads of Agency
  • Head of Agency designee
  • Individuals who have been granted access through a security request.



  • Submit – Form has been sent to the 'Available Surplus Property' site.
  • Cancel- Returns to main menu, no information is saved or submitted.

Completing the Form

  • Offering Agency: Auto-populated by Surplus Portal.
  • Offering Agency Contact Name: Enter the name of the individual who should be contacted with questions about surplus property.
  • Offering Agency Contact Email: Enter email address of the agency contact.
  • Category: Select the category of the surplus property being declared. Categories are:
    • Audio Visual Equipment
    • Computer and Accessories
    • Electronics
    • Miscellaneous
    • Office Furniture
    • Tools and Machinery
  • Item Description: Enter the item description for the item being declared.
  • Location (City): Enter where the item is located
  • Condition: Enter the condition of the surplus property.
  • Estimated Value: Enter the value of surplus property being declared.
  • Begin Date: Choose a date to begin declaration. An item must be declared for 14 days. When choosing a date please note that it cannot be prior to today's date.
  • End Date: Choose a date to have the item automatically deleted from the 'Available Surplus Property' view, this must be a minimum of 14 days after Begin Date.
  • Attachments (Optional): Supporting documentation (images) can be added for each item listed.
  • Disposal Number (Optional):  The Disposal number can consist of letters and numbers.
  • Claimed by another state, local or federal public agency: This option is only used AFTER an item has been posted. If selected it will remove the listing from the "Available Surplus Property" site.
  • Insert Surplus Property Item: Select to enter additional surplus items. Each item must be listed separately.
    • Note: 'Offering Agency' and 'Offering Agency Contact Name' will auto-populate for all additional items that are entered into the form.