​Direct Deposit FAQ's

General Direct Deposit Questions:

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Speak to your agency's Human Resources or Payroll Representative. They may enter the request on your behalf or direct you to the Employee Self Service application in IPOPS to enter your Direct Deposit information.

What information would my agency HR or Payroll Representative require to set up my Direct Deposit?

In most cases, your agency Human Resources or Payroll Representative will request a copy of a voided check, a blank check marked "Void" to indicate the check is not intended for use as payment.

Can I divide my pay among different accounts if I use Direct Deposit?

Yes. ​Employees may select up to two checking and two savings accounts to divide their pay through Direct Deposit.


Can I have some of my pay deposited into an account and have the rest paid on paper warrant (check)?


No. When participating in Direct Deposit, the full net pay amount must be made through Direct Deposit. 

As a new participant, how will I receive my first paycheck?

Your first payment may be made by paper warrant (check) or Direct Deposit, depending on when your Direct Deposit IPOPS action and was submitted and when payroll is processed.  Six business days are required to complete the pre-notification (also referred to as 'pre-note') process and establish your Direct Deposit.  SCO sends a test transaction with all new or revised account information to the federal Automated Clearing House (ACH) on a nightly basis.  The test transaction is verified to ensure the account information entered is valid prior to allowing funds to be processed through as Direct Deposit.  Payroll is processed during the non-payday week and final payroll is generally ran on Thursday, the week before payday.  If the test transaction is successful prior to processing final payroll, your next scheduled payment will be by Direct Deposit.  If you have not completed the 'pre-notification' process prior to processing final payroll, your first paycheck will a paper warrant (check).  Paper warrants (checks) are mailed directly to employees on payday.

When do I have access to the money?

Payment is typically available the morning of payday.  Financial institution processing times may vary.  If your money is not in your account on payday, you should contact your financial institution.

What if I want to make a change in financial institutions?

To make a change, enter the new information under Employee Self-Service in IPOPS using the Direct Deposit form or submit a request to your agency Human Resources or Payroll Representative. 

If you have any questions about this process or are concerned about how you will receive your next scheduled payment, please contact your agency Human Resources, Payroll Representative, or the State Controller's Office before submitting the change to your direct deposit. 

What if I close my account?

If you close your account and you do not stop your Direct Deposit through Employee Self-Service or your agency Human Resources or Payroll Representative you will have to wait until your financial institution sends the money back to the State Controller's Office.  This process takes between 2-4 business days.  Once the State Controller's Office is notified, a check will immediately be issued to the employee.

If I have a problem with Direct Deposit, whom should I call?

Contact your financial institution or your agency Human Resources or Payroll Representative.  The State Controller's Office cannot make changes to your Direct Deposit account information. ​

FAQ's about SCO's Mandatory Direct Deposit Policy:

Is Direct Deposit a requirement of the State?

Effective August 1, 2009, the Office of the State Controller established a Policy requiring all state employees paid through a payroll system administered by the State Controller, unless exempted by the State Controller, to be paid by Direct Deposit. The policy may be viewed here.  

What is a personal exemption?

The State Controller may allow for a Direct Deposit 'personal exemption'.  If an employee is unable to secure an account at an eligible financial institution, or if he/she believes that participation in Direct Deposit will result in an extreme hardship, the employee may request an exemption using the Direct Deposit Personal Exemption Request Form.  The form may be downloaded from the State Controller's website  http://www.sco.idaho.gov

Can an agency grant a personal exemption?

No.  Personal exemptions can only be granted by, and are at the discretion of, the State Controller based on the explanation provided by the employee.

What is considered an extreme hardship?

There may be unique unforeseen reasons that an employee may encounter that may require special consideration by the State Controller.  Such reasons will be rare.  Personal preference is not considered an extreme hardship.

How will I be paid if I don't participate in Direct Deposit or am granted a personal exemption from Direct Deposit?

You will be paid by paper warrant (check). The paper warrant (check) will be mailed by the State Controller's Office to the address that exists on your personnel record.  The paper warrant (check) will be mailed on payday.  The employee is advised that the State assumes no responsibility for any delay in receiving a paper warrant (check) via the United States mail or its equivalent.  Should a paper warrant (check) have to be reissued due to the original being lost, the employee may have to wait 7-10 business days before a replacement check can be issued and mailed.

When should I submit a Direct Deposit Personal Exemption Request form?

If you elect to submit a Direct Deposit Personal Exemption Request Form, it should be submitted to your agency Human Resources or Payroll Representative within 30 days of hire or appointment. 

What evidence should be submitted with the Direct Deposit Personal Exemption Request Form?

If your request is due to not having an account with an eligible financial institution and the inability to obtain an account, you must obtain a letter or other documentation from an eligible financial institution stating that you have been denied an account.  If your request is due to a specific extreme hardship, you should address a letter to the State Controller explaining why you believe you should be granted a personal exemption.  In either case, a letter/documentation should be attached to the request form and submitted to your agency human resources or payroll representative.

When will the SCO respond to my Direct Deposit Personal Exemption Request form?

The State Controller's Office will respond to your employing agency within 15 business days of receipt of the request form.  The earlier a request form is submitted, the earlier the response will be made, allowing the employee time to plan accordingly.