Direct Deposit Information

When a Direct Deposit is processed to establish or revise a Bank Code or Account Code, the employee's direct deposit will be in a Pre-Note status.  Pre-Note is the period of time it takes for an employee's direct deposit to be verified by their financial institution and the automated clearing house used by the State Controller's Office.


The following occurs during the Pre-Note process:

1.  The employee will receive an e-mail notification with an expected pay date for their direct deposit to become active (example of e-mail to employee).
2.  The Pre-Note status can take up to six business days, during which time:
      • The bank will verify the Account Code (account number).
      • The employee may receive a warrant (paper check)  for his/her pay .

3.  Once the 'Pre-Note' status is complete, the employee's future payments will be directly deposited and their pay stub will be available online.


Note:  When employees transfer to other agencies, they must re-establish their direct deposit, even if the direct deposit is to the same bank and account number.

  • If the financial institution finds a problem with the Bank Code or Account Code during the Pre-Note status, the State Controller’s Office will be contacted.
    1.  The State Controller’s Office will update the employee's Direct Deposit indicator to 'N' and send an e-mail to notify the agency that the Direct Deposit has been turned off (example of e-mail to agency).
    2. The agency must contact the employee and have them resubmit another direct deposit action to correct the error.  

Locating bank account information:
The Bank Code (routing number) is always nine digits in length.
The Bank Account Number can be up to 17 characters (both numbers and letters).