Dispose Surplus Property

​Dispose Surplus Property

Purpose:  Form used to dispose of all surplus property that has previously been declared or is exempt from declaration. See Policy Step Two Disposal Authorization.

Form Location: www.sco.idaho.gov, application menu "Dispose or Declare of Surplus Property", Select the link titled 'Dispose Surplus Property'.

Only the following individuals will have access to the declaration and disposal forms:

  • Heads of Agency
  • Head of Agency designee
  • Individuals who have been granted access through a security request.



  • Save- Selecting this option puts the document in 'Draft' status. If a request in draft status is not submitted, it will remain in draft status for 10 days and then be deleted.
  • Submit – Request has been sent to Head of Agency for approval. Director will receive an email when the form has been submitted.
  • Cancel – Returns to main menu, no information is saved or submitted.

Completing the Form

  • Disposal Number – All disposal forms require a disposal number. The disposal number can consist of letters and numbers.
  • Requesting Agency – Auto-populated by Surplus Portal.
  • Requestor – Auto-populated by Surplus Portal.
  • Address – Enter the address of the agency.
  • Phone – Enter the phone number for agency.
  • Method of Declaring – There are two selections available.
    • SCO Surplus Property Website – Listed with SCO Declare site.
    • Other - List what method what used to declare. Example: Distribution email list
  • Date of Declaration - Enter the dates that the items on the form were declared. Declaration must be done for a minimum of 14 days. 
    • Start and End Date - Declaration must be done for a minimum of 14 days. See Policy Step One Declare Surplus Property.
    • Exempt from Declaration – Items that have nominal value are not required to be declared. If items meet that description, select the 'Exempt from Declaration' checkbox. See Policy 'Declaration as Surplus Property'.

Listing Disposal Items

Each disposal item must be listed on the form.

If the user would like to group similar items together, they must attach a spreadsheet with the following information:  Disposal Method, Tag Number, Quantity, Description, Condition, and Estimated Value.

Example: Listing a single disposal item


Example: Listing multiple disposal items

Example: Supporting Documentation

  • Disposal Method - Select how items in the agency inventory are being removed from inventory.  If 'Other' is selected, enter description below.
  • Agency Comments – Enter any applicable comments to further explain the disposal items.
    • Cancelled - Field only shows when form has been returned by SCO for correction. User may select this field when they would like to cancel an old authorization for disposal item.
  • Tag Number – List the agency inventory tracking number.
  • Qty – Quantity of items being disposed of.
  • Description of item - Describe what the item is called, it's use, and explain any defects or problems.
  • Condition – List the condition (Excellent, Good, Fair, Repairable, Unusable).
  • Estimated Value - List how much the item in inventory is currently worth. (Do not list the purchase price).
  • Attached Files – Supporting documentation can be attached to each line item. There is a maximum of 4 attachments for each line. To attach a document, select the blue paperclip, and then 'attach'


To remove documentation that has already been attached, select the blue paperclip and select 'remove'.
Note: Once a disposal form has been approved by a head of agency, the supporting documentation cannot be removed.