​​​Employee Resources

Purpose:  A guide to assist state employees with making updates to specific information on their personnel record or enrolling in insurance benefits and flexible spending accounts.  Certain actions may require an agency's Payroll/Personnel Department to update the record on behalf of the employee.

For questions about updating specific information on your record, please contact your agency or the Idaho State Controller's Office, Division of Statewide Payroll at 208-334-3100, option 2 or email servicedesk@sco.idaho.gov.  



I-Time is the State of Idaho's time entry system in which employees submit their time sheets and, if applicable to their agency, leave/overtime requests.

For assistance with I-Time and time entry, please click here.

IPOPS - Self-Service

Self-Service in IPOPS allows you to update your own personnel record via Self-Service Actions.

The Self-Service Actions are: Direct Deposit, Employee Information/Address, Employee Voluntary Deductions, FSA Enrollment Application, and the Medical and Dental Enrollment Application and Donate Leave.

For assistance with Self-Service, please click here

Pay Stub

Pay stubs are made available to employees Online.
State employees can view their Online Pay Stub one week prior to the actual pay date.  The information available on Online Pay Stubs includes; leave balances, deductions, net pay, direct deposit detail, tax status and tax withholdings.
For further information or assistance reading your pay stub, please visit Reading Your Online Pay Stub.  

Form W-2

Employee's Wage and Tax Statement.
For additional information on W-2 Wage and Tax Statements, please click here

Form W-4

Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.
To establish or make changes to your withholdings, you must print out, complete, and submit the W-4 forms to your Payroll/Personnel Representative.


Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer of Coverage

The State of Idaho '1095-C Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer of Coverage' will be mailed to employees in accordance with IRS rules.  This form is currently not available through the SCO website.

Note: Not all employees will receive a 1095-C. Please see Affordable Care Act documentation for more information on eligibility.

For information and instructions about the 1095-C form, please see Internal Revenue Service 1095-C Instructions


Net Pay Calculator

Employees can estimate the impact of a change to pay rate, hours worked, deductions, withholdings, and/or taxes may have on their take home pay with the Net Pay Calculator.

To access the Net Pay Calculator, employees must log into the SCO website (www.sco.idaho.gov) and select the Net Pay Caluclator link from the Applications menu.

For assistance with the Net Pay Calculator, please click here.