Executive Employees (FLSA Codes E and D)

Full time Executive employees must have a Time Sheet Required Indicator of 'N'. 


Limited to 80 hours per pay period:

Executive employees cannot submit more than 80 hours per pay period.

Payroll calculates payroll based on 80 hours per pay period (not 40 per week).

            Example: If 48 hours are coded in Week 1 and 32 hours are coded in Week 2, 80 hours of REG will be processed.

Note: If more than 80 hours are submitted, all time will be rejected.  The system will generate 80 hours of REG.


Leave Taken:

Executive employees report absences in excess of one-half (1/2) day.

The State Controller's Office recommends agencies and employees use the following examples as guidelines: (Employee's normal work day is 8 hours)

  • Employee works 3 hours and takes 5 hours of leave - Employee should code 3 hours of ACT and 5 hours of leave for that day.
  • Employee works 6 hours and takes 2 hours of leave - Employee is eligible for a full day of ACT.

 Note: Any leave taken during the pay period for an Executive employee requires that the entire time sheet be coded, not just the leave taken.



Executive employee works more than one half day on a designated holiday:

  • Employee can take an alternative half or full day off as the holiday.
  • Code ACT on the holiday worked
  • Code alternate holiday hours as HOE.

Executive employee does not work on the Holiday

  • Agency can let the system generate 80 hours without the HOL time being coded, or
  • Agency can require the employee complete a full time sheet including HOL on the Holiday

References 59-1607 and 67-5328