Delete an Record in the Hold File​

​The following are examples of when it might be necessary to delete an asset record that is in the FAS Hold File:

  • The asset is less than the $2,000 inventorial amount.
  • You inadvertently added a record twice for the same asset.
  • The wrong funding sources were used when the transaction was entered into STARS or Payment Services and it needs to be deleted rather than processed.
  • An asset purchased through STARS/Payment Services needs to be split into separate records.

If an asset record has a transaction code AD1, AD2, AD3, or AD4, send an email to to request that the asset be deleted.

1. Enter 32 at the FAS Main Menu and press ENTER to open the Hold File.

2. Enter R in the FUNCTION field.

3. Locate the asset record you need to delete. If necessary, enter N in the FUNCTION field and then press ENTER to 'scroll' through the records.

4. Enter an S in the FUNCTION field then press TAB until you reach the '_' space in the S/X column, next to the record you want to delete. Notice that the SRC column will have an S if the acquisition came from STARS, Payment Services, or an F if it was entered directly in FAS.

5. Enter either an S or an X in the space next to the record and press ENTER.

6. Either the STARS to FAS Data Entry screen S033 or FAS Direct Data Entry Screen S035 will open, depending on if the acquisition transaction was created in STARS, Payment Services, etc. or entered directly in FAS.

7. If any asset information is on the record (property number, amounts, quantity, etc.), enter U (“undo") in the FUNCTION field and press F1 or ENTER.

8. Enter D in the FUNCTION field and press F1 or ENTER. The POSTING STATUS (located in the bottom left corner) on the record should reflect 'D' for deleted.  The status of the record will change from a 'P' to a 'D' in the FAS Hold File.

If you need to need to “re-add" the asset in FAS with correct funding or other property information, you can do so in the FAS Direct Data Entry screen S035.