Directly Enter a Current Year Asset into FAS


Typically, when an asset is purchased using STARS, Payment Services, Purchasing, or P-Card, it may be put into the FAS Hold file automatically. You select that asset in the Hold File, and then enter it in the STARS Generated to FAS Data Entry Screen (S033).

However, you can enter an asset directly on the FAS Direct Data Entry screen (S035).

When entered this way, the asset will be placed in the FAS Hold File and will need to be released. After it is released, it will be removed from the Hold File automatically during the nightly FAS processing.

See also this interactive video of adding an asset into FAS.

FAS Direct Data Entry

The fields that are required on the FAS Direct Data Entry screen will depend on the transaction code that you use, and the transaction code is based on the class of the asset (land, building, etc.).  The DAFR4640 report in Online Reporting will show you all of the required fields for FAS transaction codes.


  1. Enter 35 at the FAS Main Menu and then press ENTER.

VERSION 3.1                    FAS DIRECT DATA ENTRY                    S035



              Y=APPROVE, H-HOLD)                                               

AGENCY :         PROP  NO:                COMP NO:    SEQ NO:     AGY SFX:   

FAS  TC:                                              STATUS:     OWNRSHP:  

DSP MTH:         ADT  AMT:                ACQ MTH:    CLS CD:     CLS SFX:  

DISP % :         ADT DATE:                ST  MTH:    RSK MG:     COND CD:  

QTY    :         INSRV DT:                AGY MTH:    U LIFE:     CAP IND:  

QTY UNT:         RPLC AMT:                INS IND:    SAL VAL:               

LOCAT1 :             DESC:                                                   

LOCAT2 :                       PO NO  :              MODEL YR:      MFR:     

LAST NM:                       FIRST  :              MID INIT:               

SERIAL :                       LICENSE:              ODOMETER:               

COMMENT:                                             INVNT DT:               

CUR DOC:                                                                     

DEPR DT:               ST DEPR:                      AGY DEPR:                

POSTING STATUS:        REQUIRED APPROVAL LEVEL:                                                                                                     


2.        Enter A in the FUNCTION field.

3.        Enter your AGENCY number if it is not displayed.

4.        Enter the PROP NO (property number) up to ten characters, and a two-character COMP NO (component number). You can use the same property number for more than one asset as long as you use a different component number for each one (e.g., 01, 02, 03, etc.).

5.        Enter the SEQ NO (sequence number). If this is the first record for a given asset, use '0001'.

6.        Enter a FAS TC (transaction code) for acquisitions. Determine which transaction code to use based on the class of the asset (land, building, etc.) being added. Some common transaction codes for current year assets are:

    • AP1   Purchase - Land
    • AP2  Purchase - Buildings
    • AP3  Purchase - Improvements Other Than Buildings
    • AP4  Purchase – Machinery and Equipment
    • A11  Non-Monetary Acquisition - Land
    • A12  Non-Monetary Acquisition - Buildings
    • A13  Non-Monetary Acquisition - Improvements Other Than Buildings
    • A14  Non-Monetary Acquisition - Machinery and Equipment

7.        You will need to enter the required fields that are based on the Transaction Code and class of asset, and any other information that might be required by your agency. Or, press the F1 key to display messages at the bottom of the data entry screen of the additional FAS elements required.

8.        After entering all other required fields, enter the funding sources:

    • Press F7 and enter the necessary FUND, FUND DETAIL, BUDGET UNIT, and AMOUNT information on the FAS Direct Multiple Funding Sources (S036) screen.
    • If your agency tracks assets by PCA, Index, Grant, or Project, press F8 to go to the FAS Direct Optional Funding Sources (S36A) screen. Fill in the fields that your agency uses.
    • Press F6 to return to the S035 screen.

9.        Once all required information has been entered, press F1 or ENTER to save the record. The asset record will remain in the Hold File until it is released. It can be also be viewed in the FAS Property File (S040).

    • If you do not have acquisition release authority, but all error messages have been corrected, an 'INVALID APPROVAL LEVEL' message will be displayed. Exit the record and have the record released by a FAS operator with the appropriate approval level.
    • If you do have acquisition release authority, the STATUS field of the record on S035 or the record in the FAS Hold File record should be 'P' for successfully posted. The record will be put through FAS in the overnight IEU.

Release the FAS Transaction

The person with release authority will need to do the following:

1.        Enter 32 (FAS Hold File) at the FAS Main Menu and press ENTER.

2.        Enter R in the FUNCTION field, enter the agency number (if needed), and press ENTER to recall the records. (You can enter the specific Property Number and Component Number, and then press ENTER.)

3.        Enter N in the FUNCTION field and then press ENTER to 'scroll' through the records.

4.        Enter S in the FUNCTION field then press TAB until you reach the space in the S/X column, next to the record you want.

5.        Enter either an S or an X next to the record and press ENTER to display the record on the data entry screen.

6.        Review the selected record.

    • If the record is correct, Enter Y (Y = APPROVE) in the FUNCTION field and press F1 or ENTER. The POSTING STATUS on the record should reflect 'P' for posted.
    • If the selected record is incorrect, exit the record. Notify the data entry person of the necessary changes. Once the changes are made, bring up the record and approve it as described above.

7.        The record will be put through FAS in the overnight IEU.

8.        Press F3 to return to the Hold File, or press F2 to return to the FAS Main Menu. If you have more than one record to release from the Hold File, Enter N in the FUNCTION field and press ENTER for the next group of records to appear.