Enter a Current Year Asset Purchased in STARS or Payment Services​

When an asset is purchased in STARS, Payment Services, etc., FAS transactions and a record may be created in the FAS Hold File depending on certain fiscal coding elements on the STARS or Payment Services transaction.

These fiscal coding elements include Capital Outlay expenditure subobjects (6000 - 6999), which may require a Property and Component Number, and the one-character Capitalization Indicator in STARS or Payment Services which, when manually entered, will send a transaction to FAS.

Once the record is in the FAS Hold file, you can select it and then enter the asset in FAS. If you do not need to enter it in FAS, you can delete it from the Hold File.

Select the Record from the Hold File

1. Type 32 (FAS Hold File) at the FAS Main Menu and press ENTER to open the Hold File.

2. Type R in the FUNCTION field and press ENTER.

3. Locate the asset record. To 'scroll' to the next page of records, type N in the FUNCTION field and then press ENTER.

4. Type an S in the FUNCTION field, then press TAB until the cursor is in the S/X column and next to the record. (The SRC column will display an ‘S’ if the record came from STARS or Payment Services.)

5.Type either an S or an X next to the record and press ENTER to open the S033 screen as shown in the example below.

S033 Example - STARS Generated to FAS Data Entry Screen



AGY: 200 PROP NO: 00COM33644 COMP NO: 00 SEQ NO: 0001  ADT AMT: 21476.00

ADT DT: 02032005 BFY:  2005   STATUS:    APP LVL: 0    REM AMT: 21476.00



             Y=APPROVE, H=HOLD)                                                   

AGENCY : 200     PROP  NO: 00COM33644     COMP NO: 00  SEQ NO: 0001   AGY SFX:    

FAS  TC: A02     REF PROP: 00COM33644     REF CMP: 00   STATUS:        OWNRSHP:   

DSP MTH:         ADT  AMT:       21476.00 ACQ MTH:      CLS CD:        CLS SFX:   

DISP % : 000     ADT DATE: 02032005       ST  MTH: 1    RSK MG:        COND CD:   

QTY    : 0000001 INSRV DT:                AGY MTH: 1    U LIFE:        CAP IND: S 

QTY UNT:         RPLC AMT:                INS IND:     SAL VAL:                   

LOCAT1 :             DESC:  FOUNDATION/ERECTION 80FT TOWER                        

LOCAT2 :                      PO NO  :              MODEL YR:      MFR:           

LAST NM:                      FIRST  :              MID INIT:                     

SERIAL :                      LICENSE:              ODOMETER:                     

COMMENT:                                             CURR DOC: P0502015           

DEPR DT:              ST DEPR:                       AGY DEPR:                    

INVNTRY:                                  INTERRUPT:                              

Enter an Acquisition in the STARS Generated to FAS Data Entry Screen (S033)

1. Verify that the Property Number and Component Number are correct.
  • Type a C (to change/update) in the FUNCTION field if the Property and Component Numbers are correct.
  • Type an A in the FUNCTION field if the Property and Component Numbers are incorrect. Then enter a new Property and Component Number.

2. Review the transaction code (FAS TC) to be sure it matches the class of the asset (Land, Building, etc.). Refer to the Transaction Codes Overview doucment for the Transaction Code description. Only transaction codes A01 - A04 are entered on the S033 screen.

3. Do not change the REF PROP (Reference Property) or REF COMP (Reference Component) number. Reference Property and Component Numbers are entered in STARS and copied to the FAS Hold File.

  • The Reference numbers are required fields for transactions processed through screen S033. The Reference Property and Component Number are sometimes referred to the 'parent' or 'trailer' record.

4. The remaining fields that you will need to enter are based on the Transaction Code and class of asset or other information as required by your agency.

5.  Press F7 to review the Funding Sources and verify the Fund/Budget Unit/Amount to be applied to this asset. There are two parts to the funding source – Required Funding Sources (S034) and Optional Funding Sources (S34A).

  • The Required Funding Sources screen S034 contains Budget Unit, Fund, Fund Detail, and Amount.
  • If your agency tracks assets by PCA, Index, Grant and Phase, or Project and Phase, press F8 and review Optional Funding Sources screen S34A. This is optional to make changes if needed.
  • If the required funding sources are incorrect, delete the record, enter expenditure adjustments in STARS and then enter the asset directly in FAS.

6. Press F6 to return to the S033 screen.

7.  Once all required and agency-selected optional information has been entered, press F1 or ENTER to post the record to the FAS Property File. The asset record will remain in the Hold file until it is released. You can view it in the FAS Property File (S040) and the Hold File. If you have changed the Property or Component number, the original “parent” record will be automatically removed from the Hold file after the new Property/Component number has been released.

If you have corrected all problems related to error messages but do not have acquisition release authority, an 'INVALID APPROVAL LEVEL' message will be displayed and the STATUS field will display an ‘H’ for hold status. The record will require a person with the appropriate approval level to release the transaction.

If you do have acquisition release authority, the status of the FAS Hold File record will show a 'P', for successfully posted (i.e., the STATUS field in the reference area will be 'P').

Release a Transaction

A person with release authority will need to do the following:

1. Type 32 (FAS Hold File) at the FAS Main Menu and press ENTER.

2. Type R in the FUNCTION field, enter the agency number (if needed), and press ENTER to recall the records. (You can enter the specific Property Number and Component Number, and then press ENTER.)

3. To 'scroll' through the records, type N in the FUNCTION field and then press ENTER.

4. Type S in the FUNCTION field then press TAB until the cursor is in the S/X column and next to the record to release.

5. Type either an S or an X next to the record and press ENTER.

6. Review the selected record.

  • If the record is correct, type Y (Y = APPROVE) in the FUNCTION field and press F1 or ENTER. The POSTING STATUS on the record should reflect 'P' for posted.
  • If the selected record is incorrect, exit the record. Notify the data entry person of the necessary changes. Once the changes are made, bring up the record and approve it as described above.
7. Press F3 to return to the Hold File, or press F2 to return to the STARS Main Menu. If you have more than one record to release from the Hold File, type N in the FUNCTION field and press ENTER for the next group of records to appear.