​How To Look Up Error Messages

Error messages are displayed at the bottom of the screen. They generally indicate that you need either to add missing data fields or you need to correct some data fields. The error messages include an alphanumeric code and a very short description.  

To look up the alphanumeric codes to find an description of what they mean:

Exit FAS and go to the STARS main menu, select S System Maintenance, then 90 News/Help Table Maintenance. (STARS and FAS error codes are found here).

Enter an R in the Function field and the error code in the Keyword field and press ENTER.

To look up an error message code from a FAS screen:

1. Make a note of the alphanumeric portion of the error message, e.g., E64, on the FAS screen.

2. Press HOME, then press SHIFT+TAB to move your cursor to the INTERRUPT field.

3. Type 90 and press ENTER. (This will take to the STARS News/Help screen. Both STARS and FAS error codes are found here).

4. On the STARS NEWS/HELP TABLE (S090) screen, type R in the FUNCTION field.

5. Type the error code in the KEYWORD field, and press ENTER. The explanation will be displayed.

6.  Press F4 to close the active INTERRUPT screen and return to the previous screen.

7.  Add or correct the data elements and press F5 to see if the error messages are resolved.