I-Time Frequently Asked Questions

If you have customer service or technical support questions that are not answered below please contact servicedesk@sco.idaho.gov or call the SCO Service Desk at 1 (208) 334-2394.
The following information will assist you with problems and issues with the I-Time application. 
1.  The leave balances that are displayed are not correct, how or when do these get updated?
If a time sheet was created for a future pay period, the leave balances will display on the time sheet as what they were when the time sheet was originally created.  In order to update the leave balances and pull in any new information regarding leave balances the time sheet needs to be opened and saved. If the time sheet is not opened and saved or submitted during the current pay period the review will not display the current balance.
If vacation hours are donated to another employee, the vacation balance (for the donor) and the sick balance (for the receiver) will be updated when the form processes.
2.  My Time Sheet is a read only document, why?
There are various reasons that your time sheet could be read only.
If your time has been reviewed or approved and it is in the payroll process, it will be read only.
If your time is entered by a Time Entry Assistant (TEA) you will only be able to view your time sheet and not edit it, it will be read only.
3.  When I log on and click the I-Time button, I get a message that says "No profile has been created for employee my name and agency number, when I click OK I am taken back to the I-Time button?
The Central Payroll Officer (CPO) for your agency has not set you up in a Time Entry Location (TEL), please contact your Central Payroll Officer (CPO)
4.  Does my time sheet need to have a 2 week total of 80 hours, before I press save or submit.  I have entered 40 hours in the second week and the total only shows 32 hours, what is wrong with the total?
A time sheet can be saved or submitted at any time, regardless of the number of hours entered. 
All the hours will not be added in until you tab to the end of the line, click on another line, save or submit.  If you enter 40 hours in week two and do not click anywhere else the total will not reflect that last day, that day will be added into the total as soon as you click somewhere else.
5.  How long can I make changes to my time sheet?
You can make changes to the time sheet until it is approved or the review process has been completed. 
6.  What if I code more vacation or sick leave than I have available?
The payroll system has built leave defaults that determine if/when other types of leave are available to bring an employee's hours up to 40 in a work week.
7.  Who can approve my time sheet?
Approvers or the Central Payroll Officer (CPO).  There may be more than one approver for each Time Entry Location (TEL), the time sheet will only require one approver signature.
8.  Since this is a Web based application who can see my time sheet and is my social security number displayed?
Only the Central Payroll Officer (CPO), a reviewer, an approver or a Time Entry Assistant (TEA) can view your time sheet.  Your personal information such as your address and social security number are not displayed on the time sheet.
9.  If I am not at work can I access I-Time?
I-Time can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection.  It is only unavailable when the nightly maintenance is running. Maintenance hours are from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM.
10.  Is anyone automatically notified when I have completed my time sheet, and am I notified when there is a problem with a submitted time sheet?
Currently there is not an automatic notify system built in.  This is a feature that agencies have requested and that will be considered in future phases of I-Time.
11.  My Time Sheet is locked, what's wrong?

If a time sheet is locked, a warning message will be received indicating who has the time sheet locked.

  • Example: This Timesheet is currently being edited and is locked by GEORGE – WASHINGTON – 200. Please try again later.

Locked time sheets will be displayed on the review section for Approvers, Time Entry Assistants (TEA's), Reviewers and the Central Payroll Officer (CPO), with a blue lock. 

  • Note: A locked time sheet may indicate updates are being made to your time sheet.

Time sheets can be unlocked by contacting your agency or the SCO Service Desk at (208)334-2394 or servicedesk@sco.idaho.gov.


12.  What is a PCA?
A PCA is a five-digit numeric accounting code, which identifies the source from which payroll dollars will be paid.
For Health & Welfare the time sheet will default to one line of ACT (Actual Time Worked) for each PCA the employee has.  PCAs can be overridden if necessary.  There is a drop-down list where you may choose a new one for the override. Index and PCA can be used separately or together, depending on how your agency is set up through STARS. Refer to Division of Statewide Accounting for more details.
13.  When I process payroll when should I use final and when should I use correction?
When all of your employee's time is ready to be submitted and you are ready to process payroll, you will need to click the radio button by final before you press submit.   If any batches need to be re-submitted because there has been a correction or a change was made, you would use the correction radio button and enter a comment explaining what is happening.
14.  If I need to delete a time sheet or make a correction to a time sheet that has already been uploaded by DSP, do I need to do anything extra to ensure that my employee is paid correctly?
If you delete a batch, you should communicate that with a payroll remarks form in IPOPS.  The Process for retrieving and resubmitting batches has been automated and no additional action is needed.