I-Time User Roles

The user role selected on the employee's I-Time Profile determines what functions and capabilities they have. Users can create and have access to time sheets from the current pay period and 25 future pay periods. Time sheets remain current until payroll processes and the pay period is closed, typically, this happens on the Thursday after the pay period end date.  Employees can create future time sheets, but they cannot be approved.
Below you will find a brief description of what each user role can do.
Note:  If there are any changes made to an employee's time sheet after the employee has signed it, the employee will be required to re-sign their time sheet before a new time sheet can be created.  This will ensure the employee is aware that something may have changed on their time sheet and they need to sign it.  The employee will not have to re-sign the time sheet if only the Shift or Overtime indicators have been changed.  A TEA, TEA/Reviewer, Reviewer, Approver, Approver/Reviewer and CPO will not see their own time sheet from Employee Time Sheets or Review Time Sheet.
Employee - Can create their own time sheet, unless they have 'Time Not entered by employee, Signed time sheet on file?' set to 'Y' on their I-TIME profile.  In addition to creating their time sheets, employees have the ability to override their Shift indicator and the option to Save, Submit, add Comments or Reset their time sheet.  Note: DEQ employees will only be able to view, not add comments to their timesheet.  They can make updates or changes to their time sheet until it has been approved.  Employees that have their time sheet created by someone else cannot open their time sheet until it has been created by the TEA or CPO.  When their time sheet opens, it will be 'Read' only.
TEA - Time Entry Assistant - Can create time sheets on behalf of other employees in designated Time Entry Locations (TELs). TEAs can make changes to the Shift indicators on time sheets created by employees.  A TEA can 'Edit' a time sheet that has been completed and submitted by an employee.  When a TEA edits and submits a completed time sheet, comments are required and the employee must sign that time sheet before creating a new time sheet for the next pay period. Once a time sheet is reviewed and approved, a TEA cannot edit it.
Note: A TEA can also create and edit all leave/overtime requests for an employee. 
TEA/Reviewer - Can create and/or review time sheets.  The TEA and Reviewer responsibilities can be set by TEL.  This allows the option to only review time sheets for a certain TEL and create time sheets for other TELs. All involved TELs must be selected on the employee profile.  An adjustment would be made on the TEL Maintenance screen to remove either role from a specific TEL.  If the TEA/Reviewer is assigned to the TEL, they will have the options of both roles to choose from. If they are designated as a TEA in some TELs and a Reviewer in other TELs, then they will only get the appropriate role for that TEL.
Reviewer - Can review time sheets, but has no edit capabilities.  They can disapprove time sheets when corrections are necessary, but cannot approve time sheets.  Reviewers have the option to select 'Review Complete' or 'Disapprove'.  Once a time sheet is in review status, it must be marked 'Review Complete' before an approver can approve it.
Approver - Can create, edit, and approve time sheets for employees in their immediate level TELs, higher-level approvers can 'Edit' and 'Approve' time sheets for all TELs.  If more than one approver is set up for a TEL, all approvers would have the same rights.

 Note: An Approver can also create, edit, and approve all leave/overtime requests for an employee.  
Approver/Reviewer - An Approver can create, edit, and approve time sheets for employees in their immediate level TELs, higher-level approvers can edit and approve for all TELs, but cannot create time sheets for the lower level TELs.  Reviewers can only review, they have no edit capabilities.  If an employee is set up as an Approver/Reviewer for the same TEL they will have the options for either role.  From the review they have the 'Review Complete' buttons as well as the 'Approve/Disapprove' buttons when they open an employee's time sheet   If they are set up as an Approver in designated TELs and as a reviewer for other TELs they will have the options for the appropriate role in that TEL.
CPO - Central Payroll Officer - The agency I-Time CPO is empowered by the head of the agency to submit each payroll authorization on his/her behalf ensuring true and accurate information.  In addition to processing payroll, agency CPOs can create, correct, disapprove, or approve time sheets and make changes to the agency I-Time structure and employee profiles.  The role of CPO is established by submitting an online Security Access Request form to the State Controller's Office.
Note: A CPO can also create, edit, and approve all leave/overtime requests for an employee.