Purpose: Displays an employee’s Position Information reflecting the most current IPOPS Personnel action processed.
Authorized Originators, Agency Signers, DHR Signers and DFM Signers can add comments in the 'Permanent Record Information' field of an IPOPS action.  To view these comments, press the F5 key.  
Required Control Fields:
Field IdentifierDescriptionLength
USER INIT:User's Initials3
COMP NBR:Your State Organization Code 3
FISCAL YEAR/SSN:Requested Employee's SSN9
TRAN CODE:Inquiry Screen Identifier - ICC3
SECURITY CODE:User's Assigned Security Code​4
Special Instructions:
Dates will be reported as Year Month Day (MMDDYYYY).
Press Function Key F5 to view Comments.
Press Function Key F3 to close the Comments window.
This screen displays an employee with COMMENTS: 'Y' attached to their record. To view the comments press ‘F5’.  If no comments exist, this field will be blank.