​Idaho Fiscal Officers Association Bylaws



The purpose of the State of Idaho Fiscal Officers Association is hereby set forth as:

A. To promote effective and efficient administration of state programs through active participation by fiscal staff in policy and procedural planning.

B. To provide fiscal officers and other statewide fiscal staff an opportunity for group discussions of fiscal and related matters through semi-annual meetings or as called by the steering committee.

C. To review, compare and evaluate systems of fiscal operations currently in effect among the various sate agencies as requested by such agencies and, where appropriate, make recommendations to responsible officials to effect change and/or support consistency.

D. To review, discuss and evaluate new and proposed changes in fiscal methods, procedures and systems applicable to state administration and operations and make appropriate recommendations to responsible officials, including the Fiscal Policy Advisory Committee (FPAC), regarding disposition.

E. Provide a medium for the exchange of information among the fiscal officers and other statewide financial managers. Promote the dissemination of generally accepted accounting principles, modern budgeting techniques and auditing methodology.

F. Provide individuals from membership base to serve on the Fiscal Policy Advisory Committee (FPAC).


A. The membership may consist of, but is not limited to, Administrative Bureau Chiefs, Budget Coordinators, Controllers, Audit Managers, Fiscal Officers, Financial Managers and any other fiscal personnel.


A. The organization of the State of Idaho Fiscal Officers Association shall consist of a steering committee; any standing committees and any temporary committees appointed by the steering committee or sanctioned by the organization as a whole; and the membership.

The steering committee shall consist of a minimum of chair, vice-chair and secretary. The committee may also have up to four members at large. One member-at-large position shall be held by the vacating chair.

It shall be the duty of the steering committee to coordinate the activities of the other committees, to organize the agenda for and preside over semi-annual and any other meetings, and otherwise assure that the organization is informed about all activities undertaken. The steering committee shall assure that the majority of members is represented in all major decisions and/or promulgations.


Annual elections shall be held at a semi-annual meeting.

Committee members will be elected for two (2) year terms, with at least two (2) positions being voted on annually. The chair may appoint a nominating committee which shall submit recommendations to membership for approval. Additional nominations may be taken from the floor at the time of election.


The chair of any standing committee may participate in steering committee meetings to present findings and/or set general meeting agendas.

Standing committees may be appointed by the steering committee to do research and make recommendations in the area of:

A. Accounting and Reporting

B. Auditing

C. Budgeting

D. Cash Management

E. Education

F. Legislation

G. Fiscal Policy

Specific duties of these committees shall be as requested by the general membership, the steering committee, or the chair of the specific committee. Findings of each committee shall be presented to the steering committee for approval and included as an agenda item for presentation to the organization as a whole. Recommendations or promulgations must be approved by the majority of members prior to issuance. Where time is of the essence, a telephone poll by the steering committee may be used to establish a majority opinion. This poll must be duly recorded and presented at the next general meeting.