Information Technology​

About the SCO Enterprise Dashboard and Service Desk Portal
Article detailing the changes that the SCO is making to its applications offerings. A new application portal has been introduced to house modern apps, such as a customer-centric Service Portal, Secure File Transfer, and Luma.
SCO Enterprise Dashboard - How to Register and Sign in
Step-by-Step instructions on how to self-register with the SCO Enterprise Dashboard, utilize the self-service user and password management features, and sign-in.
Data File Transfers
Support and documentation of approved methods of file transfer with the State of Idaho Controller's Office STARS, Payroll and IBIS applications.
Mainframe Connectivity
Support and documentation regarding the State of Idaho Controller's Office mainframe computer, including connection information and requirements, processing rates, and workload.
Multi-Factor Authentication for the SCO Enterprise Dashboard
With the integration of DUO Mobile into the SCO Enterprise Dashboard sign-in, state employees will now have an additional factor of authentication beyond their StateID and strong dashboard password.
Sign in and Password Reset Instructions
How to sign-in to State of Idaho Controller's Office application systems, and direct help with any password assistance you may need for any and all State of Idaho Controller's Office systems.
SCO Website Troubleshooting Guide
Take advantage of a detailed guide to assist you with any SCO website issues you may experience.
CSC Billing Rates and Services
View current fiscal year rates for all services provided by the State of Idaho Controllers Office Computer Services Center division.