IPOPS Document Comments

Comments may be added to IPOPS Payroll, Personnel and Position Control documents by using the 'Comments' button.  Comments are required when a document is Disapproved or placed in a status of Pending Edits. 
Originators, Internal Approvers, Agency Signers, DFM, DHR, SCO, etc., will use the 'Comments' button in the top header frame to add unlimited comments.

The following image displays a number one to indicate comments were added using the 'Comments' button.  Click the light blue number to the right of the 'Status' link in the top header frame to open the comment dialogue box.  This comment will be saved as part of the IPOPS document and will not be part of the employee's permanent record.  (Viewable from the document only, not in IBIS.)

The image below is an example of the 'Comments' window.  The author of the comments is shown along with the date and timestamp.  The number of characters is unlimited.  To exit the Comments window, click the 'Close' button.