IPOPS Permanent Record Information

The Permanent Record Information is an explanation as to why the IPOPS action was processed and will be used for audit purposes.  The Division of Human Resources (DHR) and the Division of Financial Management (DFM) may require specific information to be entered in this field per change reason.
The 'Permanent Record Information' field is available to use when creating any IPOPS Personnel and Position Control action. 
If only the originator adds 'Permanent Record Information', the number of characters allowed is 109.  The application reserves nine characters as identifiers.  If the originator does not enter any 'Permanent Record Information', the application releases four more bytes that become available for use by Agency Authorizer (signer).  The Agency Authorizer (signer) would be allowed to enter up to 112 characters. If both the originator and the Agency Authorizer (signer) add 'Permanent Record Information', the combined maximum number of characters allowed is 108.

Division of Human Resources has a maximum of 35 characters.

Division of Financial Management has a maximum of 35 characters.
Originator view - In the following image, an explanation for the action has been entered into the 'Permanent Record Information' field. 

Viewing 'Permanent Record Information':
This information can be viewed by action in the following manner:
Personnel - Viewable on the IPOPS archived document, on the mainframe and in IBIS
Position Control - Viewable on the IPOPS archived document and in IBIS
IPOPS archived document view:

Position Control:

Mainframe View:
From the mainframe online inquiry screens (ICC and ICH):
Press the F5 key to view the permanent record information.  To exit the, press F5 again.