IPOPS User Roles

Authorized Originator:

  • Creates actions for personnel, payroll or position control.
    Note: Originators will only have access to the groups they have been given authorization (personnel, payroll or position control).
  • Can delete documents after it has been saved or submitted.
    Note: A document can be deleted until it is uploaded to SCO.
  • Approve self-service actions

Internal Approver (optional):

  • Reviews documents before the agency signer. 
  • Can add comments,
  • Disapprove documents
  • Submit documents that do not require an agency signature.
  • Internal approvers are not required, but are commonly used by agencies that are pay location driven.
  • Internal approvers can be used for a specific pay location or agency wide.
  • Can view all documents for their agency or assigned pay location except those in 'draft' status.

Agency Signer:

  • Reviews and approves or disapproves IPOPS documents that require agency authorization.
  • Agencies can allow agency signer access by application type.
    Note: If an agency signer is only given access to Payroll and Position Control, but not Personnel, they would not see personnel documents in their view.
  • Draft documents cannot be opened by an agency signer. 
  • Agency signers have a view in IPOPS called 'Agency Signer'.

Note: Agency signers can approve multiple documents when they are in the 'Agency Signer' view. Only 20 documents can be approved at one time.

Dual Roles:

  • For internal controls, an individual may not be both an authorized originator and agency signer for the same type of action.
  • The authorized originator/internal approver will have access to views for both roles as well as the actions page. They will be able to log on, create a document and approve it without ever logging off.

 * An online Security Access Request form must be completed to set up or change IPOPS User Roles.