'Idaho Paperless Online Personnel/Payroll System'.  IPOPS is a Web-based application that allows state of Idaho agencies to create personnel, payroll, and position control documents online.  Employees can also create their own actions using the self-service option.  Agencies have the capability to create and route documents both internally and externally.  Some documents may need additional review or approval by the Board of Examiners (BOE), the Division of Human Resources (DHR), the Division of Financial Management (DFM) or the Office of Group Insurance (OGI).  When the review/approval process is complete, the electronic document is routed to the State Controller's Office where it is processed and uploaded to the mainframe. 
State agencies will create documents for personnel, payroll, position control and terminations by using the Actions button.
State employees will create their Direct Deposits, update their Secondary Email, Address Changes, Voluntary Deductions, FSA applications, Medical/Dental applications, and Donate Leave by using the Self-Service button.
State agencies and employees have the capability to track or view where their documents are at all times by using the Views button. For example, an Authorized Originator of a document may follow the flow of the document all the way through the routing process.  Documents may be sent to internal reviewers/approvers for signatures and then routed externally to BOE, DFM, DHR, OGI and/or the SCO depending on the agency and the type of document.
The Office of Group Insurance (OGI) is given access to several actions within IPOPS. For more information on each of these actions, please use Office of Group Insurance (OGI) Actions.

Additional IPOPS Information:
Log-off - logs a user out of the State Controller's Office Web site