​Lost paycheck

If an employee has not received their warrant (check) within seven business days after payday a replacement warrant (check) may be requested.

To report a lost, damaged, or missing warrant please contact your agencies HR/Payroll Department or The State Controller's Office at 208-334-3100.

Replacement of a lost, damaged, destroyed or never received payroll warrant requires the following actions:

  • Employee must sign a Certification and Request for Warrant Cancellation
  • If after seven business days from the specific pay date, the employee has not received pay, the employees Payroll Department is required to send or email the original certification to the State Controller's Office for replacement.
  • Upon receipt of the original certification, the State Controller's Office will reissue a replacement warrant (check) within two business days and mail it to the employee's address on file at the State Controller's Office.
    • Note: If the completed certification is returned to the State Controller's Office, and the original payroll warrant (check) is recovered/found, the warrant (check) must be returned to the State Controller's Office for cancellation.
  • Legal action will be taken should the original payroll warrant (check) be endorsed and redeemed by the employee.

    The State, as the employer, is only required to mail/distribute payroll warrants to its employees on payday Friday.  We assume no responsibility for the delay in receiving a paper warrant (check) via the United States Postal Service or its equivalent.