​​Lost, Misplaced or Never Received W-2​

Paper W-2 Distribution
Paper W-2s are typically delivered to the Statehouse Mail Room the 4th week of January. Employees should begin receiving their W-2s sometime during the following week. If you have not received your paper W-2 by February 1, please call the Division of Statewide Payroll at (208) 334-3100, option 2. The Office of the State Controller will process returned W-2's as quickly as possible in order to get them back into the mail.

Log On and View or Print Your Online W-2
If you have lost, misplaced, or never received your W-2, you may view and print your Online W-2 for the current tax year as well as four previous years. This is a quick and simple way to get a copy of your W-2. 

A Reminder on Returned W-2s
If an employee has a change of address on file with the US Post Office, their W-2 will be automatically forwarded by the post office.

The only W-2s that will be returned to the State Controller’s Office will be those marked as Undeliverable. If a W-2 is returned, the address will be checked against the SCO system. If the address on the system has been updated, the State Controller's Office will put the W-2 back in the mail to be delivered to the new address. If the address on the system has not been updated, the State Controller's Office will hold the W-2 until either the address is corrected on the system or the employee contacts us. 

Note: Depending on the state agency, an employee may update their own address information by using the Employee Self-Service option or by having their agency HR/payroll office update the information.

Instructions for Requesting a Duplicate W-2
The State Controller's Office will not start processing duplicate W-2s from the previous year until after February 1 of the current year. If a duplicate is needed, the State Controller's Office will charge a $5.00 fee for printing. If you need to request a duplicate W-2 please open the following PDF file and follow the instructions contained within.

Note: The State Controller's Office retains W-2 information for five tax years; therefore, a duplicate W-2 can be provided for the current tax year plus four previous years.