​​​System Integration Testing

​System Integration Testing is a cycle testing cycle that the Luma project team will utilize to test business processes work as designed across integrated forms, reports, interfaces, and data conversions within Luma. The intention of different testing cycles allows the team to test discrete functionality first, then progress through to end-to-end business scenario testing. ​

System Integration Testing.PNG

System Integration Testing (SIT) 1 & 2 will begin fall 2020. SIT will involve agency personnel and seeks to test the end to end functionality of the Luma system including all Forms, Reports, Integrations, Conversions, Enhancements, Workflows, COA build-outs, and configurations. It attempts to confirm that the system performs as designed.​


System Integration Testing - Timeline


SIT Timeline.PNG


The ​objectives of SIT are to:

  • Confirm the business process functional requirements have passed testing scripts and scenarios.
  • Confirm delivered application/module design meets business process needs.
  • Confirm individual components within an application/module function perform as designed.
  • Confirm business logic within custom objects has been implemented correctly for standard, boundary, and negative test conditions.
  • Validate system configuration has been correctly completed.
  • Confirm the integration between systems and components (this includes the testing of all Interfaces).
  • Validate that all inbound and outbound Interfaces function as designed.
  • Validate all formulas and calculations meet business process and requirements.
  • ​Continue the validation of converted data.​

System Integration Testing Cycle 1 (SIT 1) - Agency Participation​​

Agencies were selected to participate in System Integration Testing Cycle 1 based on the following set of criteria:

  • The agency is in Cohort 1- 4.
  • The agency is home to a Luma team member.
  • The agency has a completed Chart of Accounts
  • The agency has a completed configuration
  • The agency has completed interfaces and conversions.
  • Agency complexity/size.​

As the Luma project team continues into the System Integration Testing Cycle 2 more agencies will be included in testing. This ramp-up of participation will continue into User Acceptance Testing.  ​